Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm Still Here

This has been a busy week for me. When I saw my name on some one's blog roll and it said I last posted 4 days ago, I was surprised. I was called in to sub two days this week, and with an extra puppy to tend to, I just seem to be running in circles some days. On another note of good news, it has been raining since Thursday, off and on. Today it began raining @ 7:00 A.M. while we were walking the girls before church, and today has rained by the bucket fulls! Now for the bad news. Do you know what it is like taking two dogs out in the rain off and on all day. Since this morning ,other that going to church, I feel like I have walked dogs in the rain and dried them with the hair dryer. We needed the rain so badly, so I will not complain.

We also went to see the movie FIREPROOF yesterday. It was a great movie and one that I hope you will choose to see. We are not big movie goers but a good movie is worth seeing. This is a valuable message about what God intends for marriage. I hope you won't miss it.

The above arrangement is one I finished on Monday, and have been meaning to share this picture with you, just kept forgetting. I had seen a similar arrangement in a specialty shop up town and I thought to myself, I have everything at home to do the same thing, and I did. The small pebbles in the hurricane, make for some easy arranging of the sticks and feathers.

Thanks for all the great suggestionsyou gave for the Thanksgiving Swap, I think I am headed in the right direction. I hope to post some pics of what I am working on this week. Have a wonderful and blessed week!


Neabear said...

We need some of your rain over here in California. There was another big fire this weekend due to the dry conditions. I like the picture. I noticed it would have worked great for a Pink Saturday post with the pink plates on the wall. At least they look pink in the picture. Hope you have a good week this week.

Joy said...

I really like your arrangement!
All of your fall decor looks great. Don't you just love the fall weather?
We're actually having an early snow storm here. A little too early!!

cherry said...

Glad you got the rain you needed. Wet dog isn't soo fun rofl. LOVE your plate arrangement....and all your FAll decor. Have fun with your swap. cherry

Essential Oil Premier University said...

Nice new fall arrangement.

My hubby and I want to go see that movie too. Soon we hope to, very soon.



Darlene said...

You can send some of the rain this way. I know what you mean about wet dogs though. Mine don't like to go out in the rain, but if I am watering they want to get all in it....go figure!?!

Love that looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Your arrangement...pretty pretty! We need a bit of rain here too. I know what you are talking about when it comes to rain and walking those dogs, ugh!

Shannon said...

Your arrangement looks great and I love your plates on the wall!

We saw Fireproof and loved it too!

Christina said...

The arrangement and plate wall look great. You did a wonderful job on both.

You asked about the paperback pumpkin on our blog. Feel free to e-mail me. I'm not sure why it's not fanning out. I'll be glad to help to figure it out.

Your dogs are so cute. In some ways I would love to have two dogs, so mine would have a buddy, but we don't need another to care for and hubby would not be happy, so we only have one to love. (bad sentence): )

Lorrie said...

Hi Jackie, I found your blog through a link on another blog. I'm a recent empty nester too--one child married, one in grad school and one in college. Life is still very busy here too.

I'm really responding to your earlier post about getting the crack-of-dawn call for subbing. I was a substitute teacher in our local middle school ( and sometimes the elementary school) for six years. I am also a planner and it did take some adjustment to get those early morning calls. As the teachers get to know you though, many will "reserve" you ahead of time for dates they know that they will be out of school, so you can plan those days ahead on your calender. I really enjoyed my years substituting. (I did it while my kids were still in school and got to know all of their friends as well as their teachers.) I hope you get off to a great start with it!

Liz Harrell said...

Your photo is lovely! And thanks for the movie rec... I've been hearing good things about that one.

Anonymous said...

I love the color of your wall with the white plates! The arrangement is pretty too! I have been so busy too- I just returned to work after having 2 weeks off. I have plenty of things to blog about, just no time!

Linda said...

I saw the trailer for Fireproof.