Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hunting for Heels and other ramblings.......

This picture is totally unrelated to my post, but two of the three most handsome guys I know.

Once again I have been missing. Since I last posted things have been busy.

*We closed on the townhouse! YEAH!

*Got better news about my feet!

*Judah came and stayed for a week. I must say that was a busy one!

*Got a cold while he was here, that turned into an awful sinus infection.

Now I have mostly been hanging around the house trying to get a few things done to go to my booth, and take care of my feet as the Dr. has recommended....
which involves hunting for the right pair of heels!
Who would have ever thought that heels would take away all of the heel pain that I have been experiencing!
You heard me right. I have something called Rear foot varus, aka crooked feet.
This in turn has caused Haglund's Disorder, which has something to do w/ Achilles bursa.
The tissue around my Achilles tendon is inflamed.
To relieve the pressure, heels with a 1 1/2 height more than the platform of the shoe will relieve the pain.
I am icing my heels and using a cream for inflammation, and praying by the time I return to the podiatrist, there is enough improvement to start doing exercises for my feet, and getting an insert to correct the crookedness. Not even sure I have this all correct. However, you will see me walking around in my gym shorts wearing heels during the day. I do cheat a little when I go out so I don't look quite so ridiculous.
For this flip-flop, flat shoe girl this is quite an adjustment, but it beats surgery any day. The Dr. who gave me the 2nd opinion says we will proceed conservatively to try to correct the problem, so I am trying to do my best!
I was looking on tonight, and think I may have found some Teva wedge flip flops that fit the bill.
That's about it for me. How about all of you. How has your summer been?