Monday, June 18, 2012

Counting Down ( in more ways than one!)

This summer is already turning out much different than I had planned. There has been lots of busy! We have already vacationed, which is a good thing. Just a little less than 4 days until the closing on our townhouse!

Packing up an artist is quite a challenge, especially when you are trying to be sure you don't damage anything. This is my husband's van (both back seats removed)  and by the time we were finished, it was completely full of one small piece of furniture, and the rest was artwork. Canvases, stretchers, ceramics, supplies, etc!
Edgar, waiting to pull out Saturday AM. We saved a space for a dog in each vehicle

After all the packing I had to have a little fun. Wondering if this chalkboard would look good in my breakfast room?
This little guy will arrive before I return from the closing on Friday. He will be staying with me for a week.

After a week with the little one. The busy will come to a screeching halt!!!

I will soon be counting down days until I have surgery! Found out today that I will be having surgery on one of my feet. ! I have been having a lot of  pain for quite some time. While we were on vacation my boy pointed out to me that my feet are not normal, and I should definitely have them checked out. They pain has gradually increased, so much so, that I cannot even walk for exercise.  I went and had them checked out today. Let's put it this way. The Dr. would not even talk to me about what my left foot needed, because the recovery time for my right foot will be approximately 6 weeks in a cast!!!! Boy was that a shock to me! Seems like at some point in time I have actually had a break on the top of my foot, and there is a bone fragment sticking up, not to mention the large bone spur above my heel due to, too tight tendons. Will have the right foot done, and then see exactly what may be needed for the left foot. Still processing the news.

Friday, June 15, 2012


This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post.
Today I am headed to Augusta to pack up our townhouse. After a long year and a half we are set to close next Friday. I did not realize what a burden taking car of 2 places had become. It can be mentally exhausting.  

I had sort of kept holding on to the townhouse. It was nice to have a little place to get away. It was ours and it could be fun. It is a lesson to me, that sometimes when we hold on, the Lord will let us do just that....hold on. It is only when we let go of the situation  and allow him to have control that He will things work for our best. In the past couple of months I had come to the realization, that this was a luxury for us. It was not a need. Once I made the decision to let go, and do what we needed to do to sell it, God did it all!

We had let the advertising expire, so the plan was to advertise again, and begin working to have it in top notch shape to sell when we returned from vacation. Well, when we returned from vacation, there was a message from the Homeowners Association President and Treasurer, that they knew of someone that would be very interested in possibly buying and were already pre-approved. I literally sat my suitcase back in the car and headed that way to show it. We had an offer that evening, and signed the contract the next day!

The next dilemma would be what to do with all the furnishings and stuff left. My son is living in a place that is furnished and has no need for any of it. We don't have the space to store it, and my little booth will not hold it to sell. We immediately saw this as an opportunity to bless someone that has been a wonderful help to us in trying to sell it, my son's former roommate. He probably showed it for us 20 times. Always willing to help. He had moved into a place to  take care of some property for the school where he teaches, and I now understand that he has very few furnishings. We have chosen to offer almost all of it to him. He will be loading it up and moving it to his place, which will leave us with the small stuff to pack, and just a few very small pieces of furniture. Being able to bless him has been a fun part of this letting go process.

If there is something that you are holding on to today, I challenge you to let go and follow God's leading. He always knows best!
Have a blessed weekend.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Showers, Showers!

Several of us had the opportunity to bless a sweet couple that is getting married in August.
The shower was yesterday.

A friend shared a template to make my own cupcake liners out of scrapbook paper.
I decided to add the little pennant on top. 

 Those that attended also addressed envelopes for the thank-yous. Someone had done this for my daughter and I thought it was a great idea. The bride-to-be loved it.

In the way of other showers, we are getting a lot of much needed rain. In less that 2 weeks our rain gage shows 12 inches! The plants are loving it!
Have a blessed week.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Work of Art

As I have mentioned before, my son is an artist among many other things. I thought I would share this picture (that was tucked away in a closet at the townhouse we are selling).  While in school he was required to paint something by a famous artist. This is his rendition of  Girl With a Pearl Earring, by Johannes Vermeer. I had been saying that I would have this framed, and it would be on a wall in my house somewhere, even if it matched nothing. I think it is beautiful as well as intriguing. Last week Hobby Lobby had their pre-made frames half off, and this canvas fit perfectly. It now hangs in my dining room.

By the way, the inspection went well, as well as the appraisal, so we are two steps closer to a closing!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trying Not to Think About It

Right now, at this moment the townhouse inspection is happening. I would like to say no big deal, but we have been trying to sell for over a year now, BIG DEAL. Do I know that God is in control? YES, absolutely! I still have a tendency to worry, and have to keep reminding myself,
"HE really IS in control"

So with that being said, I am trying to work on other things, for example the shower that I am doing for my best friend. Her second son is getting married.

Here are my good ole standby decorations. I have learned from the many showers I have given and helped give, it is best to keep it simple so I can actually have fun doing it.
This is a church-wide shower, so the menu will be simple:

Cheese Wafers

I like to practice my decor a little before hand so I don't end up w/ surprises. There will be some aqua gingham on the tables as well, and the tables are larger so the gingham will actually just be a square topper. I love being a part of blessing a new couple as they start their life together.

Now I think I will go clean some in the kitchen, while I am trying not to think about IT!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Lot of Coming and Going!

For two whole weeks I got to see this every day! This picture was actually taken during the time Beryl was out in the Atlantic. Great waves!

Rows of these...

blowing in the breeze...

and this little guy loved the ocean!

I am missing this already! I came back feeling more relaxed and having more clarity than I have had in quite some time. Lots of time to think read and enjoy God's wonderful creation.

Here's where all the coming and going comes in. We arrived home Sunday afternoon with a message that someone was very interested in our townhouse that we have been trying to sell for over a year! My husband sat my suitcase (which I had not unpacked) back into the car and I headed for Augusta to show it. The couple made an offer that evening and we have a contract!

This was definitely a God thing, because we had not been advertising for several months and during vacation we had decided that it was time to really get diligent and go at it again. Clarity came concerning this while we were away. Sometimes I think God is just waiting for us me to let go.

Inspection is tomorrow at 9:00 AM. Please pray that all goes well.

I traveled back to Augusta this Sunday afternoon, picked up a table and chairs that I will be putting in my booth, then yesterday traveled to Athens to surprise my Mom for her birthday, have lunch with her and my Sister, visit for a little while, then 3 hours back home Monday evening.

After we hear that all is moving forward to close on the townhouse I will be headed over there to pack, and hopefully sell a few things on Craigslist. We would like not to have to rent a U-Haul to bring it back here.

I will be keeping the little fella above at the end of June, which will involve a little more traveling. Needless to say, I have got to focus on a some organization, and have a plan to be more  productive in the coming weeks. Hope you all are having a blessed summer.