Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Hobby

For quite some time I have wanted to learn to crochet, so when the opportunity to take a class at our local technical college came up, I gave it a try. The teacher just happened to be my sunday school teacher, so I have access to her help outside of class. My goal was to learn enough to make some pretty dishcloths, and I am excited to say that I learned just that, and a little more.
The bag I started using for my supplies, became the color inspirations for this granny square afghan that I am working on.
and here's a little closer look.
It is not perfect for the first try, and I saw my mistake a little further down the road, than where I wanted to go back and pull everything out, but improvement will come with practice.
Another added bonus is that in the few classes I have had, I was able to teach my daughter to crochet during my last visit to her house, and she has been going at it, trying new patterns, and even tackled making some little flowers. I can't wait to see all that she has done. How about you, what new things have you learned lately?
Have a blessed week.