Monday, September 29, 2008

A Mother's Work

Have you ever heard the saying"A Mother's work is never done."? Well that is how I am feeling today, and my children are 20 and 26. But that's O.K. In a sense our work should never be done. I am reminded that now, my work is, to be about praying for them daily. Whether they are 5 or 25 that is what God has called me to do.

How about you, have you prayed for your children today? Jackie

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Little Bird and the Word

I hope you will bear with me through this story, because I truly know that God spoke to a specific need of mine, by using a simple thing , actually this simple object.

This afternoon I came in from my half day of substitute teaching and was reading through some blog posts. One particular one spoke of the depressing economic situation and I began to dwell on it. One thing led to another, and I began to feel very discouraged. I have a history of panic attacks and have not had one in quite a long time. I then went back and listened to the President's comments yesterday evening, since I had not seen it, and then felt even more discouraged.

When my husband came in I told him how discouraged I was, wanting to know what his thoughts were, etc. He then told me everything I already knew...........God is in control and none of this has taken Him by surprise. I do know this to be true, but I continue to say,"I still don't like all that is going on". His reminder again was that we must remember God's faithfulness to those who belong to him. Absolutely true!

Hope you are still there, here is the rest of the story. I had planned to go to a new shop that was opening this evening, but I told my husband in light of the current economic crisis, maybe I should not go, now am I sounding a little crazy or what? His response was well you don't have to buy anything, to which I replied "OK".

This is where I went, and what a treat! One of the owners is from my church, and she shared that the idea came when our pastor presented us with a challenge. That is another story. Her idea is to offer a unique place to shop or just come in to browse in a wonderful atmosphere, giving her the opportunity to get to know the people of our community better. It is just that. UNIQUE! Charming, unhurried , quaint with all of the handmade items coming from local people. Beautiful calligraphy, hand crocheted dish cloths, organic soap, also hand made, one of a kind gift tag cards, paintings, knitted wool felted purses, antiques, glassware and tons of nostalgia. One of those places you want to linger. Tall, tall ceilings, rustic brick, wide plank floors, you get the picture.
Here's my little bag, and when I left, tucked inside was the rest of my story.

Here's a peek.

It was this little bird, handmade from pieces of wools sweaters. Now there were lots of these little birds scattered about, and I thought it was the strangest thing that this is what I was drawn to, and believe me for someone with my taste, there were many beautiful things. You girls out there would have loved it! It was hard to choose, there was a little gray bird, a red , a pink and brown striped one, all unique. But this little yellow one was sitting against a green suitcase, kind of like my walls here, and I knew this was the one.

After browsing and visiting with some wonderful people I headed home. I was actually still wondering about the bird. Why would this be one of my favorite things? This is the special part..........immediately this scripture came to mind:

"Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they? " Mark 6:26

This was just what I needed for this very moment, a very real reminder that God knew exactly how I was feeling, and that I needed this gentle reminder that He is in control, He loves me and cares for me more than I can comprehend, and he knows that I need. My part is to cast all my worries and cares at his feet. Jackie

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fluffing the Nest and a Conclusion

I have been working on adding touches of fall all around the house. This post would have been up earlier today, had my batteries in my camera not died, again! Did I happen to mention that I have a camera that drains a battery in a heart beat!!!! Very frustrating, any more camera advice would be helpful, cause I've got to get a new one soon!

Another conclusion that I have come to, is that every time I see my decorating pictures, I realize more and more of what a Plain Jane decorator I am. I believe that I could probably benefit greatly from some advice, from all of you marvelous ladies out there, that may happen to visit my place from time to time. So here goes.........

This is the top of the pie safe in my kitchen, and I promise my kitchen walls are not hot pink! It's this wonderful camera that I have.

A little more of everything that is on top.

What might you change?

Bowl of pumpkins, some candy corn of course and......

...........this little gadget is an old nut grinder that I got at a yard sale this weekend. I am a nostalgic kind of girl, and this reminded me of something my Grandma had. The cute little design

was sort of black and orange which reminded me of fall colors.

Some thrifty little acorns in a glass decanter that I also picked up at a yard sale.
I have been walking around the yard collecting these.

Jen over at Lipstick and Laundry loves acorns, so these acorns are for Jen.

Now it's your turn give any suggestions that you like for my fall decorating, and I promise I will not be offended. You all have such wonderful ideas and are so creative, that is why I ask.

Thanks, Jackie

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Adventure Update and a Package

This morning I announced that I would be off on a new adventure today. Well I am back and it went very well. By now I guess you are wondering what this new adventure of mine was. Maybe you won't be too disappointed when you realize it was not the thrifty shopping adventure we all dream of, or an exotic getaway, or many other exciting things that you might think.
Well here it is: Today was my first day as a substitute teacher. Actually, today I was the helper substitute. I have been needing to earn a little extra, I call it gas money, and to have something that would be pretty steady yet flexible. If you remember I went a couple of weeks ago for the teacher training, background check, and yes, remember I had to pass a TEST! That was the scary part for me. I received my first call Friday. It was a great day, the student were great, and no complaints except I realized I am not used to standing on my feet all day. I will be going again on Thursday for a half day, but I will be filling in for the teacher that day. Part of the time will be for a pep rally, and I actually get to wear jeans and a t-shirt that day. I am looking forward to this and the children can be challenging, but entertaining also. My desire is to be a godly example to all those I come in contact with. There are so many needy children out there, and I want to be able to be a blessing where I am.

Look what came in the mail Saturday. Kate over at My Messy Nest had a giveaway, and I won. If you have not seen this, it is an Amy Butler not only full of project ideas, but the patterns as well. I hope to be putting together a few goodies from it. If you have not visited Kate you want to go over and check her out. She is REAL and like a breath of fresh air. Thanks so much Kate!
Now tomorrow I hope I will have some fall stuff to show you. Have a wonderful evening! I am off to my Beth Moore Breaking Free Bible study. Jackie

New Adventure

In a hurry at this moment, but I'm off on a new adventure today, and will be back later this afternoon to tell you about it. Have a wonderful day! Jackie

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Look

I am actually learning some new things, but still have a long way to go. I would like your input and suggestions about blog backgrounds.

Where do you like to get your blog backgrounds from.......that offer free backgrounds that is. There is no money in the budget right now for a blog makeover. So I will be the do-it-yourselfer on this one too.

It changed many times last night before settling on one, at least for the time being.

Have a blessed day! Jackie

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rooster Rehab

All of you spray painters have been very inspirational to me, so now I look at things to see if they have any potential with a little spray paint.
This little fellow was just crying out for some new feathers!
The pink, baby blue and white just didn't seem to suit him.

This was the beginning of his transformation.

A little primer, and he was looking better.

Now, I think he has something to crow about. What do you think?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

29 Years and Counting!

Yesterday my sweet husband and I celebrated 29 years of marriage. Wow, it seems like yesterday, and actually I don't feel old enough to have been married 29 years. You might ask what special things we did so here goes. We woke up at 5:15 am, so we could be ready in time to drive 2 hours to my husbands dental appointment. Yes, dental appointment on our anniversary! But hey, I love him bunch!

Next, I dropped him off for his appointment while I ran some important errands......... 1. Thrift store first stop 2. TJMaxx 3. Ross for Less 4. Panera Bread 5.Tuesday Morning 6. Hancock Fabrics 7. Decorator Fabric Outlet

Then I was out of time because DH was calling me to come pick him up. Actually my sweet son was at school and was able to pick him up , then the three of us met for lunch. We had some wonderful non-diet food from a popular seafood place and the lunch shrimp was wonderful, along with our visit.

There was one more stop before heading home. Yes, this wonderful husband of mine endured a trip to Michael's before leaving town, and you know with all of the wonderful fall stuff I had a hard time pulling myself away. He waited so patiently. Did I mention that the weather couldn't have been nicer, cool and overcast and it felt just like fall.

The most important thing I want you to know is that God has blessed me with a wonderful husband who loves me, and has loved me in the good times and the not so good times. We have been through job losses, jobs where there was extensive traveling for him, a child with a chronic disease, and now we are experiencing an empty nest together. God has used all of these times not only to grow us closer together, but closer to HIM, and for this I am so thankful!
My husband is truly one of God's best blessings to me. Jackie

Monday, September 15, 2008

I've been tagged.............

and I am not very good at this. Kim tagged me yesterday and I wish I lived closer so I could get to know her better. I enjoy reading her blog and know you will too. I am supposed to list 6 random things about myself and then tag 6 others to do the same, so here goes:

1. I am a casual sort of girl. Jeans t-shirts, flip flops, and simple skirts. I would never wear hose again if I could get away with it!

2. I have never flown in an airplane as an adult, and only flown once when I was a baby.

3. I am one girl who does NOT just love CHOCOLATE.

4. I wore braces for a LONG time!

5. My perfect day would be spent on the beach from early morning until evening with a good book, preferably in cool weather with a great blanket.

6. If I could choose any house to live in, it would be a cute little wood sided cottage, with a tin roof, big porch, rustic wood floors and a very shabby chic look (very different from my home now, maybe one day though.

Now I tag : Dawn, Jen, Joy, Angie, Susie, Cherry Ok, now it's your turn.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Prayer Reminder!

Please remember to pray for all who are in the path of Hurricane Ike, and that the Lord would truly be merciful. Remember that Mark 4:41 says," even the wind and sea obey Him". I know this to be true so I will be praying and hope that you will too. Jackie

Giveaway and Thanksgiving Mini-Swap

Kate over at My Messy Nest is having a giveaway for this Amy Butler Book.
What is wonderful, is that it is really a project book full of patterns.
Check it out today, because the deadline is September 14, but really I hope I win!

Now this will be some fun that you do not want to miss!

It is a Thanksgiving Mini-Swap over at Em's.

You have plenty of time to get your projects done so don't delay , run on over and get signed up today!

Have a blessed weekend! Jackie

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Worthwhile Reading

This post is inspired by Liz. She has just finished an interesting book review and you can check it out at her place. She is a writer too, have I mentioned that? I only wish I were a writer.

To answer her question, here is what I have been reading, as a matter of fact, finished it yesterday. It started out being a slow read for me. I usually finish a book in about 3 days. If you would like a picture of God's amazing love for you and me, this is the book to read. Although I have not experienced what the main character Angel did, I could clearly see myself before coming to know Christ. The scripture says, "I have loved you with an everlasting love"
Jeremiah 31:3 .This book gives a clear portrayal of that love. It was a wonderful reminder of what God has done for me. I had heard what an amazing book it is so many times, and just failed to read it. You will not want to miss this one. Have a blessed day! Jackie

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm BACK!!!!!

I'm back after a much needed break. It was a busy week trying to get ready for the yard sale, and preparing for my children to arrive. I always forget how much work the yard sales are, for what seems like so little, but we did clear some stuff out, gave some things away, and then donated the remainder to the Goodwill and Salvation Army.

I enjoyed some good visiting with my children. We celebrated my son's 21st birthday, had some good food and good times, and then come Sunday afternoon, the nest was empty again.

Monday started out busy for me also. I attended a substitute teacher training all morning, then took the test to be approved, and guess what, I passed! I was so nervous since it has been many years since I had to take a test of any kind. I completed the paperwork today, and should be ready to substitute in the school here by the end of the month. I enjoy children so this should be a good challenge for me and provide the flexibility that I enjoy.

Monday evening began a new Bible study for the fall. I will be participating in the Beth Moore study Breaking Free. If you have not participated in one of these studies you are missing a tremendous blessing. Beth Moore is such a gifted teacher. I am looking forward to growing and learning during this study.

I'll leave you with some bits and pieces of my
FALL decorations. Have I mentioned that FALL
is my favorite season?

Do you see this cute little Pumpkin ?
Here's a little secret..........I paid too much for
it, but I couldn't resist, but I hope to be adding
some bargain Pumpkins soon!
Glad to be back! Have a blessed evening. Jackie

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fall Inspirations

If you are looking for some wonderful inspiration for your FALL decorating you will want to visit The Inspired Room. There are more ideas than you can imagine and you will definitely not want to miss it. If this doesn't get you wishing for FALL, nothing will. Run on over and check out all the great fall decorations and get to nesting! Have a blessed day! Jackie

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Saying Goodbye..........

I am back with phone and Internet service, but instead of blogging I have spent much time preparing for the yard sale that will be Saturday, that is if, Hanna doesn't send too much bad weather our way.

I will be saying"GOODBYE" to this pile of stuff, and I will be glad to see the old treadmill go! There are more piles like this that I am working on pricing, and will be glad to say "GOODBYE" to it all!

I will be saying "GOODBYE" to these pretty summer flowers, and replacing them with .......

Some of this.


to this pretty summer fruit....

and "HELLO" to this. Are you getting ready for FaLL? This is my favorite season, so I am starting early this year. My children will be here this weekend, we will be celebrating my son's birthday, and we will be doing a lot of cooking. It is going to be a busy weekend.
I'd love to hear how you are getting ready for fall. Have a blessed week. Jackie