Friday, January 21, 2011

A Sneak Peek

Remember this little song?
This is the song that never ends.
Yes, it goes on and on my friends.
Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue singing it forever
just because....
This is the song that never ends........
You Get The Idea!
Well these days, I am feeling like this is the project that never ends.....

 I thought I would give you a little peek at what I have been up to today. The cabinet man did come and hang the doors, all but a few that is.
Here's a look at the drawers. Pleas pardon the dirty floors and all of the sawdust.
Here's a look into the laundry room, with the bead board wallpaper.
Now, here's what I need to know.
How picky is too picky?
There are a couple of doors that got dinged and he is taking them back to re-paint, but I have a couple of doors that the finish has some dimples in. The doors were sprayed with and oil base, and then spray lacquer over the top. I am not familiar with this process, so my question is, am I just being too picky?
If it was not noticeable I would be OK, but it is a little too noticeable, at least I think it is.
 I think I told you before, the counter-top order got lost, but should be here next week.
 Light fixtures have been ordered, and they should be here next week.
 Couldn't get a hold of the counter-top guy.
One door was completely the wrong size, and I gauged the paper behind the washer, when I was touching up some things. Thank goodness it is behind the washer.
I know I am going to thoroughly enjoy the new kitchen, but I am ready to be functioning normally once again, and for my house to be CLEAN!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Still here, and time for a Happy Dance!!!

Yes, I am still here. Things have just been busy here, with holidays, the flu, visits, and still working in the kitchen! 
One day I will have some after pictures to show you!
 It is coming along, but slowly, and having my house in one giant upheaval of a mess is starting to get to me. The doors are ready to be installed, now it is just up to me, to finish painting the frames. I want them to be just a little too perfect, so that slows me down. Today I found out that the shop making my counter tops lost the order. We ordered from a local building supply, I had not heard from them and thinking just maybe I should check on them,  I called (thankfully) to find out that the counter top shop did not have the order on record. They have put a rush on it, so they should still be ready in time for this slow girl.

Visited this little fellow during Christmas, and my how he is growing!

Now here is the reason I was doing a happy dance today. My boy is officially  a college graduate!!!! Long story short, in order to get credit for a class he had taken, he had to pass 2 different tests. This was a requirement since he had taken the classes at another college, and they were not in the state university system. What he did not realize was, that if he did not pass the test, he would have to repeat the classes! Something that everyone failed to mention. The pressure was on! He also got the flu before Christmas, and felt bad until Christmas eve, so needless to say there was not much test preparation going on. He put in a lot of hours studying, and this Mama was praying.
I knew the test started around 9 this morning, and he called around 10 to say he had passed the test, and would be getting that diploma in the next week!!!! We are so proud of him!

In other news, I am getting close to post number 300! So I am thinking we may have to do a little giveaway, so spread the word. Not sure what it will be, but I will try to make it a good one. What would you like to win? Let me hear from you, and in the mean time I will be thinking on it.
Be watching because I will post it some time next week.  For now have a wonderful weekend!