Thursday, March 28, 2013

Here's Where I've Been

Things have been busy lately!
There have been some unexpected things that have come our way.
Some twists, some turns, and bumps in the road!
Thank goodness God is in CONTROL!

In other news, The Little Red Wagon is moving, and will now be

This is my booth space the my sweet husband and I finished yesterday.
I am so excited that it came together, and
Yes, the chandelier works! 

This is my second space, that I am working on filling up. 
We will be opening Friday morning at 10 AM. 
If you are in the Lyons, GA area, it will be worth checking out. 
We have approximately 110 Vendors, and a little bit of everything!

One of the most exciting things about putting these two booths together was that we did it all
on a budget. 
I could not have done it at all without all of the hard work and expertise of my wonderful
He is definitely my #1 guy!
Between the two booths, 
our total spent was approximately $62.00. 

Our goal was to work with what we had so I drew the pictures, keeping in mind the materials that
we had salvaged, and had been given.  
The biggest expense was for the tin roof which was 32.00. 

It has been exciting to see it all come together. 


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

When Skies are Gray...

 We have had a lot of gray skies here lately, and I mean a LOT! Some pretty tough things have been going on as well, so another gray day had become a dread to me. 

This morning when I when I saw blue skies and sunshine, I was reminded that even during the gray days, there is always the hope of sunshine. 

Then, as I got ready to post, the Lord reminded me, that there is beauty even when the skies are gray. 
Praying that you will find beauty wherever you are today.