Wednesday, November 6, 2013

31 Days: Epic Fail!

Also known as:
What was I thinking when I jumped in and thought I could  post for 31 days?

The process as a whole has not been a failure, as a matter of fact I am still right smack dab in the middle of Taming Too Much!

Last Saturday was our Barn Sale. Let me just say it was amazing! We had 250 people standing in line when we opened at 10 AM! We were blown away by the response. That is the tiredest I have been in quite some time, but were certainly blessed.  We probably had around 400-450 people come through and shop. We had very few items left, and this week have sold most of the items that remained. I took a few things to refill my booth. Other items will be put in the yard sale this weekend.

Yes, you heard me right. This weekend my sister and I are having a yard sale. I have been preparing for this since the beginning of October also. Nothing like asking for a little torture! No really this has been what I have needed to do for quite some time. I am sifting through all of those little things that have caused a lot of clutter, and out the door they are going. Tomorrow I will be headed to the attic to pull down lots of artificial Christmas stuff that needs to go.

The following week I will be working on some small projects for the Artisan Market that I plan to participate in with my friend Allison. Yes, what was I thinking?  and we may possibly have a grand baby in the middle of all of this!!

I will be posting some pictures soon, hopefully from the Barn Sale, Yard Sale and Artisan Market.
Didn't want to leave you wondering what happened. Have a blessed evening.