Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yes, It's Been a Long Time

Since I posted that is. I had great plans to start posting much more consistently come the new year. Well here it is, and I have been away for a while.

 Part of the reason for being away is that I have been a little under the weather. Finally went to the Dr. last week after trying to take care of thing. myself for a couple of weeks, and that just wasn't working out for me. Dr. said bronchitis, all I know is, I have coughed more than I hope to for the rest of the year. It is still hanging on, but feeling much better.

I had high hopes of posting a few pictures, but it seems that blogger is no co-operating tonight, so I will try again tomorrow.

I have finished my first project of the new year, and excited about how it turned out. I will be replacing the current table in the breakfast room, with the one I just completed. I had some chairs that I have had for a while, and as it turns out I was accidentally able to finish the top of the table to match the chairs. Pictures will explain this one better.

Everyone has been picking a word for the year, and I will be sharing my "word" as well. I'll give you a hint: It is really neat when you listen to what God is trying to tell you."

OK, enough said, since I am not too fond of posts without pictures I will close for now.

Goodnight to all.