Sunday, August 29, 2010

My girl was home this weekend for another shower. Here she is with 26 days until her due date. We had so much fun!Three of our friend hosted a drop in shower for friends from church. All I can say is,
She was Blessed!

Pretty table, beautiful flowers, and some delicious food! The hostesses really outdid themselves. After these couple of pictures, I just forgot about the camera. We had so much fun visiting with friends and church family. Needless to say, with the blessings of friends and relatives, they are ready for this little fella to come. We had some marathon sewing going on this weekend, and I finished the bumper pads, even after sewing the needle through my finger. Ouch! She is picking up a few last minute necessities when she visits the doctor on Tuesday. She seems to think he might be early, and she had me a little nervous this weekend. She says she needs one more week of nesting to have everything spic and span for the baby. She has been in a major nesting mode for quite some time, so it makes me wonder if he will be early.
Here's a look at the pretty table.
His due date is September 24th for those who have asked.

God has truly shown his faithfulness throughout this pregnancy. Her health has been good, and God has already provided all they have needed. This has been one more opportunity to trust God when circumstances are not what we thought they would be.
God is good and He has blessed abundantly!

"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus"
Philippians 4:19

Monday, August 23, 2010

Showers of blessing!

Yesterday we were able to make a surprise visit to our girl. We arrived just in time for one of her baby showers. They have been so blessed by friends and family. Thought you might enjoy some highlights .

I have not mentioned his name yet, but we are ready to welcome Baby Judah!

One of the hostesses  printed these cute thank-you notes, and had all of those in attendance to address an
envelope.  I want to be sure to remember this the next time I help with a shower. 

Here's the huge diaper cake with a little owl right on top.
I guess by now you realize she will be having an owl or two in the nursery.

Check out the tiered platter made with flower pots, and flower pot plates.

Yes, I did complete the crib skirt, and hopefully we will have bumper pads by this weekend.

This cute block was painted an assortment of blues, pinks, greens etc. before she changed the colors to match the nursery. The lid opens up, and can be used for storage.
She will be here next weekend for another shower, so I will be sewing until......... well until I finish those bumper pads. 
And no, I did not get one picture of the mom to be! When they started taking pictures, I was not able to get to my camera. I will try to do better next weekend.
Have a wonderful week! 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mimi's Book Collection

With the prospects of becoming a grandmother, you start thinking about fun times spent with that little one. One of the things I have done for quite some time, even before my daughter was pregnant , is to begin a collection of  books. All of these were picked up at the thrift store in excellent condition.
So, here are a few that I have collected.

One of my favorites.
I think we will have fun snuggling up and reading.
Can't wait!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Ansley had another baby shower this weekend, and she sent me  a picture of the cake.
She is using owls in the nursery, so they had this cute owl cake at the shower. They have been so blessed by family and friends. She will be here in a couple of weeks for a shower, and I am  looking forward to sharing the excitement with her. I am still working on the dust ruffle for the bed, and will start the bumper pads this week. Hopefully we will have a finished product soon. Have a great week!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good News and BAD News!

Remember how I have been waiting, saving, and planning to update my kitchen on a budget?
Well, the good news is that I have lots of beautiful doors, and drawer fronts waiting on paint so that we can get on with the kitchen remodel project,
there seems to be a slight problem.

Since there are a lot of these, I am HOPING,

just a

of the doors or drawers
are the correct size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think it is a fixable problem, but right now, I am feeling a little
There's more to the problem though.
You know when Big favors don't turn out so well?
This is one of them!
A wonderful friend did us this favor, got the doors at a good price,
but still costly.
Somehow, there was some miscommunication, even when our previous estimate was for the actual sizes.
My daughter is assuring me that it is OK, and Will work.
Hopin and prayin!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wow! Yes, it is a new post!

Here's the scene at my house right now.

There's a baby on the way that needs crib bedding.
So, I'll be needing plenty of this!