Monday, October 12, 2009

Giveaway Winners

     I apologize for the delay in announcing the giveaway winners. Between almost stepping on a snake outside my backdoor, and getting ready to fly for the first time, I was a little distracted. But here they are. Sylvia, Jessica from Life as I See It, and Gwynie Pie from The Pink Tractor. Please send me your mailing info and I will get your packages in the mail. I will be back later to tell you all about my trip and get busy checking in with all of you. Have a blessed week! Jackie


Gwynie Pie said...

Good morning, Jackie.

Wow!! I'm thrilled to be a winner in your beautiful giveaway.

I tried to access you by e-mail but it just isn't cooperating with me this morning, so here goes with my mailing info --

P.O. Box 1
Mereta, TX 76940 However, is my e-mail in case you want my physical address to send by UPS instead of USPS...either way works. I just live out in the country so I have two addresses :)

Thank you so much! I will totally enjoy having a piece of one of a kind art in my home.

Have a sweet, blessed day --

Gwynie Pie
@ The Pink Tractor

Christina said...

Congratulations to the winners!

I also love the apron you made. It makes me think of raspberry and lime sherbet. So pretty. I know those who receive them will be delighted.

Jessica Morris said...

wow!! yay!! thanks so much :)
I must have checked Monday just before you posted this because I checked several times that day!
Your trip looked lovely :)
I'll email you now!