Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall in Maine

     We returned Sunday evening from our trip to Maine. The fall weather was beautiful! We left cool, crisp fall days and returned to our muggy South GA weather. Being in Maine during the fall was truly a treat!
     For those of you who are wondering, I did make it through the flight without freaking out. Thanks for your prayers! I wouldn't say flying was my favorite thing to do, but certainly was not the worst either.
     We stayed in Freeport, which had plenty of places to shop in addition to all the LL Bean stores. LL Bean Home was one of my favorites, and the bike store certainly had some great bikes!

     Friday we traveled to Pemaquid Lighthouse pictured below.

    We then traveled back to the little town of Damariscotta, where they were preparing for their annual Pumpkinfest.
Check out these PUMPKINS!

Many of the stores had these LARGE pumpkins out front. Each waiting to be carved or painted with something unique.

This gentleman had started carving while we were there. Just seeing all of these Giant pumpkins was a lot of fun!

I love this house that sat on the edge of the river. Nothing fancy, just very peaceful.
So  how did you spend your fall weekend? More on Maine to come when my camera battery is recharged. Have a wonderful week.


Christine said...

You got your wings!
Hip Hip Hooray!

Phyllis @Around the House said...

wow, I love those wonderful pumpkins, they are just huge, and the colors them..I am a new follower and loved seeing some of maine, come visit

Stacey said...

Hi Jackie. I'm so glad your flight and trip went well. We've only been to Maine one time. We stayed in Freeport and hung out at LL Bean alot. My husband was in Heaven! It's so quaint and beautiful there. Much different than Oklahoma. I vividly remember seeing moms walking their kids to school on those little villagey streets. It was so neat.

Amber said...

I love New England. It is a beautiful part of the country. I used to have relatives that lived in Boston, but when we would visit we would travel through the New England states. So many of the towns are so quaint. Love that place. Wouldn't want to be there in the winter, though. ;)

Christina said...

Oh my goodness! I would love to go to Maine one day! It just looks so beautiful. Love the light house and the little home on the water. Glad you had fun and that you made it through the flight w/o freaking out. My first (and last) flight had me holding onto my husbands hand so tight that it is a wonder I didn't break it. : )

Those are some amazing pumpkins too. What a fun trip.

Runner Mom said...

I am so proud that you did ok flying!! Whoohoo! Looks like a gorgeous place to relax! Love those pictures! Thanks for sharing them. How is your daughter? Keep me posted, please.