Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This is a challenge for all of you Georgia folks. The Georgia Baptist Convention will conclude the annual meeting with a Love Loud Light it Up Mission experience. This is the perfect opportunity to show the love of Christ in a real hands on way. Projects to choose from are as follows: haircutting, food distribution, vehicle cleaning, assisted living ministry, landscaping, home cleaning/repair and community prayer walking.  Just go to and hurry the deadline to sign up is October 23 which is Friday. I would love to meet you all there! Jackie


Anonymous said...

I'm not in Georgia, so I can't participate, but what a great idea! Thanks for stopping by tonight...
pk @ Room Remix

Runner Mom said...

How fun! Know you all will be blessed!

Thank you for the sweet words and prayers for Mama. Just talked to them. She will have a mastectomy on Monday morning. I'll keep you posted. Glad that your baby girl is responding to the treatments! Praise!! Subbing again tomorrow in 1st!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to work with me today! I wish I would be in your area..sounds like a great thing~