Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 Days, Nature

Sometimes it is simply God's creation in which I find favorite things.
This beautiful web has been outside our side door for several days, and it is so fascinating to look at. We have made sure to avoid it.
The mornings have not been very dewy so it was harder to capture with my little Canon Power Shot, but I was able to take these shots this morning.
Hope you enjoy as well.


Miss Debbie said...

The workmanship is amazing, isn't it? Only God could think that up and then create the creature to re-create it!! Nice pictures!

Sara said...

I really enjoyed following your 31 Days series!

B. said...

It is beautiful, but it still gives me a little shiver just to look at it! I dont want to see the littel critter that made that big web. yipes!!

Stacey said...

We just love spider webs and the spiders too. :) They are a little scary but create the most magical webs.