Friday, October 12, 2012

31 Days, Catching Up

My intent was to post every day, but for a couple of days other things had my attention.
So since I missed a few days I am sharing some extra pictures of some of my favorites. I have mentioned this before, but I love old things. Particularly things that I remember from childhood, things that I saw often at my grandmother's house. The way I put it, is, that I like to collect nostalgia.
Here are a few of those things.
This old picnic basket is now sitting on top of the freezer in my laundry room.
Old quilts.
This is not old, and actually is one of two pillow shams that I purchased from Goodwill.
It reminds me of  some of the old quilts that I have.  I had originally intended to take them apart to make a table runner.
I have now decided that they will make excellent pillows for the porch chairs or the swing.
Vintage Jewelry
These pieces are actually headed to my booth space today.
Old Crochet Pieces
This was a purchase from an estate sale last week, and is now sitting on my breakfast room table.
Blue Ball Jars
I have purchased many of these old jars. They are great for decorating. I think the last 3 showers I have helped with, have had the ball jars for the table centerpiece, with white daisies.
I have quite a collection of these, and use them often.
So there you have it a few more of my favorite things.
Hope you will be enjoying a few of your favorite things this weekend.

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Miss Debbie said...

Love them all! I love "old" things, too. I really should come visit your booth. I'm sure I would like all your "stuff"!! :-)