Saturday, October 20, 2012

31 Days, Fall Flowers

One of my favorites are the beautiful flowers that can be seen this time of year. This confederate rose blooms in the fall, and such beauty!
This flower is special. It came from a cutting of another one like this. The dear lady who's original bush this one came from employed my daughter when she was just 12 years old.
I remember it like yesterday.  My daughter wanted to get a job for the summer. Being the optimistic Mom that I am, told her that no one would hire a 12 year old. She was actually
turning 12 in July of that summer. But I jumped in to actually help confirm that we would not be able to find her a job.
Lyons Nursery was actually one of the first places I thought of, and she called to see if they needed any help. I figured she could surely water plants. Much to my surprise they told her to come out and talk to them. They previously had an older lady helping them who was having health problems.
Much to my surprise they hired her! It wasn't long before her part time turned into almost a regular 40 hour week. This local nursery was known for quality plants and was pretty busy most of the time. Mrs. James took my daughter under her wings and taught her all she knew about potting plants, plant care, rooting plants and running the nursery in general.
 It was like having a special grandmother teach her granddaughter. I guess you could call her our adopted grandmother.
My daughter worked at the nursery on a regular basis right on through high school and off and on into her college years. She has a talent for gardening, and loves plants all because one special person took the time with a 12 year old who wanted a summer job.
Mrs. James has been gone for quite some time but we will be forever grateful for the influence that she had on our lives.
I hope some of your favorite things are the people who have touched your life in a special way. If they are still with you, I hope you will take time to thank them today.


Miss Debbie said...

A sweet post! My daughter started working at a horse stable close to us at about the same age. They taught her how to care for the horses and how to ride, She love it! We will always remember their kindness to her!

Christine said...

I have been catching up with all your posts! Great job with a "stick-to-it" attitude and posts.

This post is a warm reminder that, yes, we can do it and love. Beautiful!