Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trying Not to Think About It

Right now, at this moment the townhouse inspection is happening. I would like to say no big deal, but we have been trying to sell for over a year now, BIG DEAL. Do I know that God is in control? YES, absolutely! I still have a tendency to worry, and have to keep reminding myself,
"HE really IS in control"

So with that being said, I am trying to work on other things, for example the shower that I am doing for my best friend. Her second son is getting married.

Here are my good ole standby decorations. I have learned from the many showers I have given and helped give, it is best to keep it simple so I can actually have fun doing it.
This is a church-wide shower, so the menu will be simple:

Cheese Wafers

I like to practice my decor a little before hand so I don't end up w/ surprises. There will be some aqua gingham on the tables as well, and the tables are larger so the gingham will actually just be a square topper. I love being a part of blessing a new couple as they start their life together.

Now I think I will go clean some in the kitchen, while I am trying not to think about IT!


Melinda said...

Congratulations on the Townhouse interest! Hope all goes well.
Your beach trip looked GRAND.
What a cutie the little man is!

Best of Luck!


Jen Kershner said...

I'm hoping everything went well with your inspection. Selling houses is stressful business!