Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Lot of Coming and Going!

For two whole weeks I got to see this every day! This picture was actually taken during the time Beryl was out in the Atlantic. Great waves!

Rows of these...

blowing in the breeze...

and this little guy loved the ocean!

I am missing this already! I came back feeling more relaxed and having more clarity than I have had in quite some time. Lots of time to think read and enjoy God's wonderful creation.

Here's where all the coming and going comes in. We arrived home Sunday afternoon with a message that someone was very interested in our townhouse that we have been trying to sell for over a year! My husband sat my suitcase (which I had not unpacked) back into the car and I headed for Augusta to show it. The couple made an offer that evening and we have a contract!

This was definitely a God thing, because we had not been advertising for several months and during vacation we had decided that it was time to really get diligent and go at it again. Clarity came concerning this while we were away. Sometimes I think God is just waiting for us me to let go.

Inspection is tomorrow at 9:00 AM. Please pray that all goes well.

I traveled back to Augusta this Sunday afternoon, picked up a table and chairs that I will be putting in my booth, then yesterday traveled to Athens to surprise my Mom for her birthday, have lunch with her and my Sister, visit for a little while, then 3 hours back home Monday evening.

After we hear that all is moving forward to close on the townhouse I will be headed over there to pack, and hopefully sell a few things on Craigslist. We would like not to have to rent a U-Haul to bring it back here.

I will be keeping the little fella above at the end of June, which will involve a little more traveling. Needless to say, I have got to focus on a some organization, and have a plan to be more  productive in the coming weeks. Hope you all are having a blessed summer.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful getaway and when you have a beach scene like that, it gives you time to relax and read. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a quick sale.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I love the beach and have been pining to get away to the beach some time this summer ... and when I saw your pictures of the beach, I was hooked. I just have to talk DH into it (we usually go to the beach in May and in September because it's less crowded and less expensive).