Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Way We Were

Here we were just a few short days ago.

And here is a little comparison of where we are today.
Here is what I have discovered in this process.
  • Progress seems slow, but we are getting there.
  •  It is hard being a perfectionist and remodeling.
  • When you have a huge project going on, a little more seems to be added to the pile. We have a car that died, my son called to say his heat is not working correctly (in the 20's here in the deep south).
  •  I have Dr. appt. tomorrow
  •  My nephew graduates Friday 
  •  For the first time in a long time I am longing for a few Christmas decorations, and there won't be any this year. (another story for another time)
This is what I have to brighten the kitchen right now.
I would love to think we could have this pulled together for Christmas, but my sweet husband is on night shift for the next couple of days. He has already painted the ceiling, so today I hope to trim out the remainder with primer,and trim the walls so he will be ready to prime over the red, and then paint. I then have to actually paint the cabinets. The counter tops should be here next week some time so I need to keep rolling.
Oh, and I forgot to add that even though we are keeping it very simple this year, I have purchased only ONE gift!
Bet you can't guess who that is for. Hopefully I will be able to remedy that tomorrow. After Dr appts. I hope to do a little shopping!
Any more project advice for me? I am needing to purchase a new fixture for the kitchen are and over the sink. We have removed the long florescent light. I would like some sort of pendant light over the sink, and the ceiling fan is coming down (over the table) I am open for ideas if you all have any suggestions. Have a great day, and hope you are staying warm!


Beckypdj said...

You are making lots of progress!!! Can't wait to see it complete.

I don't know your specific style, but I really like the light fixtures that look like several candles. The link below will take you to an example :) Happy remodel and Merry Christmas!!!!

mary beth said...

Oh my Jackie! Don't fret about Christmas comes and then it goes! Go outside and cut some branches and stick them in a pot and hang some gift tags with ribbons and bows and write on each tag things that have blessed you this year, and call it good. You are making great progress! Hang in there girl!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Your wall looks red to me....voila. Done!

Enjoy your little bit of snow while it lasts, because we all know it won't ;)