Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oops! Tendinitis and Edgar

Here are some totally random updates for the day. First is the BIG Oops! Yesterday, while waiting on the inside of the cabinets to dry before the second coat, I decided to trim out the breakfast area. My sweet guy hates to trim, but doesn't mind the painting. I am the opposite, so this works great for us. I am not sure what I was thinking when I let the lady at the Benjamin Moore store talk me into this one. My very first reaction was, OH NO!
It is VERY dark! Actually it is even darker than what it looks like here, and especially at night. I am trying to soften things up a bit, and Wilmington Tan is not going to do it. I am looking for a soft neutral to go with the white cabinets and black granite looking counter tops. Any suggestions for the perfect color? I have a Sherwin Williams color deck, but may make a trip back to the Ben Moore store to see if they can do something with the gallon that I already have, but would love any of your suggestions.

While in the  process of painting, (a lot of painting) I have developed what my Mom thinks is most likely tendinitis in my left hand. So not only has this been a lengthy process, but a little bit painful too.

I told you this would be some random rambling. So by now you are wondering who is Edgar? Edgar would be the dog that my son would like to bring home for Christmas. Edgar's family doesn't like him very much. He is one of about two or three other pets, so they have decided that Edgar must go. My son has taken a liking to Edgar, and thinks we could give him the perfect home. I have no idea what kind of dog Edgar is, other than my son says he looks like a larger version of Stella. Stella has been pretty lonesome since Nick died this summer, and Chloe went home at Thanksgiving, so perhaps there will be an update on Edgar soon.

Remember girls, I need some suggestions on that perfect paint color. I pray everyone is having a blessed Christmas season.


Beckypdj said...

Do you have Kwal paint where you live? We used their "stag horn" color in the majority of our house. I've since painted it dark, but I really liked it.

Hope you find the perfect color, there are so many to choose from!!! Take care of that hand too.

Melinda said...

Feel better soon. hopefully some suggestions will come--I can't think of any--sorry.
Looking forward to hearing about Edgar though.


Ginny said...

Paint colors? That's my daughter's department. But you might try looking at the paint chip for the color you have and going a shade or two lighter.

Be careful with that tendinitis. I developed it in my elbow and it got bad from not doing anything about it. It sure is painful!

Diana Ferguson said...

How's the redo going?

Victoria said...

If you already have wilmington could you have them add white to it to make it lighter??? Just a thought. Or have them cut it in half?

Some of the pottery barn colors for Benjamin Moore are Soleil, Jicama and Weimeraner. Of course I am seeing them on a computer screen so they may not look that good in person.

I know a ton of people are going with Gray now. I had brown counter tops so that wouldn't work for me but I know gray is the new beige. ;)

Miss Debbie said...

Ouch! Had that in my hurts! Picking a paint color is so hard. At Lowe's, you can buy a tiny can for $2, so you can try it on the wall before you buy gallons. My limited experience has been to go a shade lighter than you think you want because it always seems to be darker on the wall than on that chip! :-) I will pray for wisdom!!

Kristen, pajama mama said...

Hope the wrist feels better soon! And that Edger is the perfect new addition! Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

My husband and son are the painters in our family. Due to my severe chronic pain my only contribution is the selection of paint color.

Anonymous said...

it's so hard to give a suggestion on the perfect paint color since it has so much to do with the lighting in the room! I hope you have this all figured out soon! good luck with edgar!

Bobbi said...

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