Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like....

............Not Christmas!
This is what my kitchen looks like at the moment, and since you see empty cabinets, that leaves you to imagine where everything is. My dining room holds most of it, and I am wondering how I have accumulated so much stuff! After we finally got everything moved out of here, I told my husband that I am feeling the urge to purge a lot of things again. As a matter of fact, I started another yard sale box today. I am looking forward to the opportunity to think through what will stay, and what will go.

Here is a little peek at how the laundry room is shaping up.
I am liking this bead board wallpaper that my husband hung behind the washer and dryer! This is my roll that I got for 1 cent at Home Depot this summer. Yes, you read that right 1 cent!
I know this is a terrible picture, but I am excited about my new light fixture! And, yes, I realize that my ceilings are not what is hot right now, but there are just some things that I can live with, and this is one of them. My preference would be nice smooth ceilings, but I am afraid that would send my sweet husband over the edge.

Now a question for all of you that have hung bead board wallpaper.
I am planning to paint it. Is there anything special that I should know before putting the paint on? I sure do not want it falling off the walls when I apply the paint. My husband hung it with glue because that is the only way he hangs it. Do I prime before painting? Let me hear all of your advice.

I know I probably sound like scrooge, but I will probably be doing very little Christmas decorating this year. We will be going to my daughter's house for Christmas, so she said we could come enjoy her decorations. Right now, we are just trying to maintain some sense of order here. It just worked out to where now is when we have  the most time to concentrate on getting this done. New countertops have been ordered, doors are ready to be sprayed by the cabinet man, so I have to get all of the boxings painted to be ready for the doors. Let me tell you one thing I have learned. It is hard being a perfectionist and remodeling at the same time.
Here's my question for you. Any large projects in the near future, and what advice would you have for me as we work at updating and changing a few things around here?
Blessing to all of you!


Pine Tree Home said...

Wow. Big doins' going on in your house. I love it, can't wait to see how it all turns out. I like the beadboard wall paper. What a score. I bet it is so much easier to work with than the real thing as that is a real pain to paint.

I'm with you with the Type A want every thing perfect. I keep telling myself, breathe and let some things go.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you for not wanting to do much decorating this year! You have enough on your plate! And this does seem like the perfect time to purge and start with a fresh clean slate!

Farmgirl Paints said...

I've painted wall paper before too. My mom hung it and I'm pretty sure she used wall paper paste stuff, and then I just painted it. It was fine. It's going to be so pretty. I love ours:)

Kristen, pajama mama said...

oh my goodness, Jackie! That kitchen gets me so excited! Can't wait to see the transformation!

Don't worry about being a year when you don't have so much going on in your house, you can pull out all the decorations again!

Melinda said...

Go slow.
Finish each project that you start.
Don't be hard on yourself.
Get lots of rest.

Don't worry about the decorating,
enjoy your daughter's decorations.


Anonymous said...

I painted wallpaper one time, and started to freak out about half way through the project as the paper began to bubble up in spots all over the place. I just kept going, and by the next day the bubbles had disappeared, I assume as the paper dried.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

ONE CENT? I've never used it before, but I would've snatched it up too! Good for you for not trying to decorate on top of everything else - who needs that??

(And I think your ceiling are tres chic....they're just like mine and mine don't bother me a bit ;)

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I've survived major remodeling activities. My advice: if you have a son, suggest he get married now. With all your attention and energies being absorbed with the remodel, you won't want to put your 2 cents in on how the wedding should be! Worked well for me and my son's wedding! I didn't care what they did or didn't do, as long as I was invited and in the end they were married.

Christina said...

I know you are excited to get going on your kitchen. Look forward to seeing what you do.

No, you do not sound like scrooge. I think that sounds perfect!