Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good News and BAD News!

Remember how I have been waiting, saving, and planning to update my kitchen on a budget?
Well, the good news is that I have lots of beautiful doors, and drawer fronts waiting on paint so that we can get on with the kitchen remodel project,
there seems to be a slight problem.

Since there are a lot of these, I am HOPING,

just a

of the doors or drawers
are the correct size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think it is a fixable problem, but right now, I am feeling a little
There's more to the problem though.
You know when Big favors don't turn out so well?
This is one of them!
A wonderful friend did us this favor, got the doors at a good price,
but still costly.
Somehow, there was some miscommunication, even when our previous estimate was for the actual sizes.
My daughter is assuring me that it is OK, and Will work.
Hopin and prayin!


Jennifer said...

Oh wow - hoping and praying right along with you...I think I would be frantic right about now:(

Pine Tree Home said...

Oh my, praying.

BECKY said...

Oh My Jackie! Now that is a little bit of an issue isn't it? But thankfully not too big for God!! I have no doubt He will work it out and your kitchen will be gorgeous!!

Can't wait to see it all done. Would love to redo mine...but the budget says no!

Have a great Friday!

Miss Debbie said...

I'm sorry. I can imagine how disappointed you are. I so hope they can be redeemed!I will pray for wisdom and divine inspiration!!

Leslie {Goodbye, house. Hello, home!} said...

I am so sorry about the delay!
I know exactly how you feel! I thought I'd have a basic week-long re-do of my kitchen, (paint, rug, wainscoting, faucet, shades) and then my fridge died! So, had to go fridge shopping, etc..., then my hubby was installing the new faucet and couldn't get the old one off because it rusted the bolt closed, had to wait a few days for the WD-40 to loosen it, couldn't find plate hangers large enough for the platters I wanted to hang, had to get them online...small inconveniences, but I only need the rug, yet! A trip to Ikea, I think.
(We did save $200 on the new fridge and $90 on the faucet!)
Anyway, all that to say, I know it's frustrating when you think you have the project pieces in place to begin, and it doesn't go as planned.
I am praying that you will be able to, or already have figured out what to do about your cabinet doors!
There must be a reason for it?
Happy re-sizing ;)

Christina said...


I hope everything works out well for your cabinets. I know what a sick feeling you must have. Please let us know if it all gets worked out. I will be praying for you.

Victoria said...

Ohhhh nooooooooo! I am so sorry! I hope that it all worked out in the end.