Sunday, August 15, 2010


Ansley had another baby shower this weekend, and she sent me  a picture of the cake.
She is using owls in the nursery, so they had this cute owl cake at the shower. They have been so blessed by family and friends. She will be here in a couple of weeks for a shower, and I am  looking forward to sharing the excitement with her. I am still working on the dust ruffle for the bed, and will start the bumper pads this week. Hopefully we will have a finished product soon. Have a great week!


Runner Mom said...

Oh, Jackie! This is adorable! I know you all are so excited!!

Christina said...

What a fantastic cake. I know all of the baby stuff has to have you super excited.

I'm catching up today. I haven't been able to be around much this summer. Looks like you have lots of projects going on. Love the fabric for the crib bedding. That plaid is awesome.

Jennifer said...

OWLS! What a super cute idea - and original, too! I love that:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie!!! Oh how I love going to baby showers. Our family is at a stand still for now on the baby end. We need some weddings here first..haha!
I am sorry to hear about your cabinets. Hope you get that worked out soon. I have a question for ya. What color are you planning on painting them? I'm thinking about repainting mine ( I know) my family thinks I'm crazy too. I will post about it soon. Have a great one my friend!

Runner Mom said...

Hey girl! Thanks for your words on my blog today! Can't believe you have a job for Friday! We started back yesterday. Mercy...long day, but the boys were excited! Hoping to get a job in the next month or so! Seriously!
Love ya,