Monday, August 23, 2010

Showers of blessing!

Yesterday we were able to make a surprise visit to our girl. We arrived just in time for one of her baby showers. They have been so blessed by friends and family. Thought you might enjoy some highlights .

I have not mentioned his name yet, but we are ready to welcome Baby Judah!

One of the hostesses  printed these cute thank-you notes, and had all of those in attendance to address an
envelope.  I want to be sure to remember this the next time I help with a shower. 

Here's the huge diaper cake with a little owl right on top.
I guess by now you realize she will be having an owl or two in the nursery.

Check out the tiered platter made with flower pots, and flower pot plates.

Yes, I did complete the crib skirt, and hopefully we will have bumper pads by this weekend.

This cute block was painted an assortment of blues, pinks, greens etc. before she changed the colors to match the nursery. The lid opens up, and can be used for storage.
She will be here next weekend for another shower, so I will be sewing until......... well until I finish those bumper pads. 
And no, I did not get one picture of the mom to be! When they started taking pictures, I was not able to get to my camera. I will try to do better next weekend.
Have a wonderful week! 


mary beth said...

Isn't it sooo fun to make things for the baby on the way? Everything looks really cute! Love the owls I am seeing everywhere! When is the baby due? Fun times ahead!

Jennifer said...

What a fun shower! I think I mentioned before that I think the owl theme is so cute! And such a handsome name - Judah!! How much longer do you have to wait?

Melinda said...

Love those diaper cake.
Having guests address an emvelope is a great idea.


Victoria said...

The thank you notes idea is an awesome one! And how cute are they????

The crib skirt looks perfect! Not plain at all. Can't wait to see more pictures of the nursery.

Unknown said...

thanks for the comment! I've always heard the reward for raising your kids is grandkids! For now I just have to retire the spongebob :( My "man" wants a basketball cake this year. "No more kid stuff" he says. ugh. and to think he's only turning 7. sigh. I hope you enjoy your "babies" birthday and your grandbabies!

Jen Kershner said...

Gorgeous! I adore those thank you cards. You must be over the moon excited to welcome this little guy to your family.

Runner Mom said...

That cake is adorable!! And you did a wonderful job with the bedding, my talented friend! When is baby Judah due? I can't remember!

Subbing for the first time next Friday! Can't wait!

Screaming Meme said...

I love baby shopping! Yay! so fun...Check out my client's home on mblog...I will be posting your kids room soon! Meme