Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vacation Thrifting

As promised here are some of my "Thrifty Finds" I find while we were at Hilton Head.

If you are looking for treasures at bargain prices, you will not want to miss The Bargain Box!
They have some of the best prices, and best selection.
I picked up this Tail golf shirt in like new condition for $1.00
They were clearancing all women's clothes to restock with totally new items, so all women's items were $1.00.
You will also want to check out St. Francis Thrift Shop.
Glass punch ladle, $1.00

Vintage Apron 2.00 from "The Litter Box Thrift Store"
along with this little reproduction flower vase w/ metal frog on top.
Retro pillow case from the Bargain Box for .25
Perfect, since the gardenias were in full bloom when we returned.
I loved to hear about your fun finds this summer.


mary beth said...

I'm just a little jealous of you southern gals and the gorgeous gardenias! Yours look perfect in that little jar too..wish I could smell them!

Amber said...

Jackie - First of all, thank you SO much for praying for our family and our adoption! Your prayers are sincerely appreciated more than you even know! :)

Second of all, I LOVE that flower vase and the glass punch ladle! So cute. I have a punch bowl with glass cups but my ladle is plastic.

Runner Mom said...

Wonderful finds, sweet friend! We're headed down south tomorrow--Charleston first and then Litchfield. Wonder if I can find some cute things as well. Today is the LAST day of school here and swim team starts tonight( depending on the weather!)

Red Door Home said...

Great finds! I always find it fun to visit thrift stores while on vacation. You never know what you might find :)

Christina said...

Oh isn't thrifting fun. Love the glass punch ladle. Beautiful and a unique shape too. Love the shirt and how wonderful to find it for $1.00.

Gardenias are so pretty and fragrant.

Anonymous said...

I love them all but I think my favorite haas to be that sweet little jar. I would love to find one of those....I have flowers in bloon too :) Enjoy your new goodies and have a great weekend my friend. guessed right!
xoxox Susie

Jennifer said...

We just love the thrift stores...usually make a day off it at least once...when we are in Hilton Head! Goodness, I would love to have found that ladle!:) Have a great weekend.

BECKY said...

Love your goodies!! The pillowcase and the flower jar especially!

Have a joyful week!

Miss Debbie said...

I love the glass punch ladle and your new blog look!!

Melinda said...

Somehow I missed this post.
I love checking out these type of places away from home! Looks like you picked up some great goodies.