Thursday, June 10, 2010


A friend said I could have some of these.

But do I choose this one,


this one,

or this one?


Some of this,

and a lot of this, which really ended up being some of all three.
Aren't they beautiful? Hope you are enjoying a few beautiful things today.  Jackie


Melinda said...

Lovely! I would have had a real hard time trying to decide which ones to choose. They are beautiful.

Have a great day!


Crystal said...

Those are lovely! My cousin just got married last weekend and the only flowers she used were hydrangeas, it was beautiful.

Miss Debbie said...

I love hydrangeas! Ours is in full b it is a happy thing!

Tara said...

Gorgeous! My hydrangea has all 3 colors on it too this year. Love it!

Jennifer said...

Yes, they are absolutley beautiful! For the first time, I have some growing in my little garden...and Hubbie insists they are not for picking - he just loves the color out there. But they are so pretty bunched in vases and other containers! What a nice friend:)

Dawn Gahan said...

Good gosh, I do adore these and peonies.

BECKY said...

Ohhhh!! I want a vase full, too!! They are my fave! OK!!! That does it!! Monday I am off to buy one for me...and just pray that God smiles on it and I find it's happy place in my yard!!
So lovely Jackie! Thanks for sharing gal!!

Linda said...

Just gorgeous! I keep planning on planting hydrangeas but seem to never get around to it. These photos make me want to get right on it! This week for sure!