Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Is On The Way and.....

.....and I hope that I don't miss it!
This is how things are shaping up for me the next few weeks. I have subbed every day this week, which I said I absolutely would not do, no way, no how! but I did. My sweet guy is still on 12 days of night shift, so we just about see each other in passing.
Tuesday as soon as he arrives home, we will leave for the dentist 2 hours away, needless to say he will be sleeping on the way, and probably while in the chair, and as much as he can. He will then go to work Wed night.
I will leave Thursday to drive to my daughters 3 hours in the other direction. We will go on Friday about an hour and a half a way for her colonoscopy. I have not given the latest update, so here goes. After her appt on Wed the Dr thinks she has been misdiagnosed and probably actually has Crohns Disease, not a lot of difference, just tends to penetrate more than the lining of the colon. They are suggesting a major treatment, and this is one of those things I am just going to have to trust God with. Ideally we would like some better than expected news. I don't want to wear you all out, but please continue to pray.
I will return home probably Sunday. Possibly subbing on Monday and Friday. I will then go to my son's Saturday for several days of clean up and work. We have rented his townhouse out for the master's golf tournament, and we will be cleaning to prepare for the arrival of guests. I will then travel to my moms another hour north for a brief visit, and then return home some time, well who knows. I will have to check my sub schedule.
I am thankful for the opportunity to sub, be there for my daughter, and that we have rented the townhouse, as it will help since we have lost the roommate. I just get a little tired thinking about all of it. The driving is what wears me out. I hope somewhere in there I will have a little time to get some spring fluffing done. Hopefully I will be posting a little too. Have a blessed weekend!


Jennifer said...

Certainly still praying for your daughter - glad you will be with her this weekend. Praying for get the exact, correct diagnosis and treatment. Also praying for your travel - and strength to get it all done....goodness, your schedule is full! Have a wonderful weekend.

Ms. Tee said...

I hope you have a good weekend and don't get too worn out. I'll keep praying for your daughter, too. :)

Cindy said...

Praying for your daughter and for you as well, that you will be able to rest amidst all the activity.

Tiffany said...

You have so much on your plate these days. I'm saying a prayer for you and your daughter for extra strength, energy and courage. Please keep us updated!

Glenda said...

What a busy schedule - and so much driving! So that you don't miss out on the beauty of spring, maybe you can use the driving time to look for all the signs of spring along the way. Hope your daughter get some good - and definite - news!

Janette said...

There is a genetic test for Crohnes. I have several family members with it. Do the test. It is worth ruling it in or out. Waiting and "playing" with diagnosis is a mistake in our family's opinion. I have another nephew who "thought" he had it- and did that course for a year - only to find out it was a weird infection that could have been treated.
There is lots of research going on about Crohns- since it is an autoimmune problem.