Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Little Bird and the Word

I hope you will bear with me through this story, because I truly know that God spoke to a specific need of mine, by using a simple thing , actually this simple object.

This afternoon I came in from my half day of substitute teaching and was reading through some blog posts. One particular one spoke of the depressing economic situation and I began to dwell on it. One thing led to another, and I began to feel very discouraged. I have a history of panic attacks and have not had one in quite a long time. I then went back and listened to the President's comments yesterday evening, since I had not seen it, and then felt even more discouraged.

When my husband came in I told him how discouraged I was, wanting to know what his thoughts were, etc. He then told me everything I already knew...........God is in control and none of this has taken Him by surprise. I do know this to be true, but I continue to say,"I still don't like all that is going on". His reminder again was that we must remember God's faithfulness to those who belong to him. Absolutely true!

Hope you are still there, here is the rest of the story. I had planned to go to a new shop that was opening this evening, but I told my husband in light of the current economic crisis, maybe I should not go, now am I sounding a little crazy or what? His response was well you don't have to buy anything, to which I replied "OK".

This is where I went, and what a treat! One of the owners is from my church, and she shared that the idea came when our pastor presented us with a challenge. That is another story. Her idea is to offer a unique place to shop or just come in to browse in a wonderful atmosphere, giving her the opportunity to get to know the people of our community better. It is just that. UNIQUE! Charming, unhurried , quaint with all of the handmade items coming from local people. Beautiful calligraphy, hand crocheted dish cloths, organic soap, also hand made, one of a kind gift tag cards, paintings, knitted wool felted purses, antiques, glassware and tons of nostalgia. One of those places you want to linger. Tall, tall ceilings, rustic brick, wide plank floors, you get the picture.
Here's my little bag, and when I left, tucked inside was the rest of my story.

Here's a peek.

It was this little bird, handmade from pieces of wools sweaters. Now there were lots of these little birds scattered about, and I thought it was the strangest thing that this is what I was drawn to, and believe me for someone with my taste, there were many beautiful things. You girls out there would have loved it! It was hard to choose, there was a little gray bird, a red , a pink and brown striped one, all unique. But this little yellow one was sitting against a green suitcase, kind of like my walls here, and I knew this was the one.

After browsing and visiting with some wonderful people I headed home. I was actually still wondering about the bird. Why would this be one of my favorite things? This is the special part..........immediately this scripture came to mind:

"Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they? " Mark 6:26

This was just what I needed for this very moment, a very real reminder that God knew exactly how I was feeling, and that I needed this gentle reminder that He is in control, He loves me and cares for me more than I can comprehend, and he knows that I need. My part is to cast all my worries and cares at his feet. Jackie


Anonymous said...

That is so true! Don't you love it when God reassures you right when you need it! What a neat lady who owns that shop too. Wish I could go there and browse around!

April said...

So well spoken!! It is so wonderful that God knows our every need and takes care of us. My husband got laid off almost 6 months ago and we've been praying that He would lead us in the right direction. Well, long story short is that my husband recently took a new job that he's thrilled about and will move us back to my home state after our daughter graduates from high school. We're at such peace now because God IS in control.

Love your little birdie, by the way! What a neat story you shared. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I have just come across your blog and am also an empty nester. Your words of encouragement from the scripture are very helpful.

Ms. Tee said...

What a sweet post. So glad that your were encouraged! What a great thing that lady is doing - I 'd like to go to her shop. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely post. I have moments like this but I remind myself all the time that I have no control over it. I tell myself face it one day at a time whatever is coming will come and I should not dwell on it. Trust in God.

Have a lovely weekend.

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

That was a great reminder for all of us! That scripture also came to my mind yesterday when I was worried.

Liz Harrell said...

This is a lesson I keep having to learn over and over. :)

Anonymous said...

Jackie- THanks for the beautiful reminder of God's constant care for us!
Thank you for stopping by my blog.Sorry it has taken me so long to return the Hi- We were gone for about 10 days then when we came home I found that I had left the power cord for my computer at a hotel we had stayed in on the way home!!! Yikes!! It took them another 10 days to get it back to me which was just a few days ago so now it's time to play catch up big time!!!
I love your little bird and since moving to CO discovered my wool sweaters have moth holes- what a wonderful way to redeem these holey things!!! I have a little booth in an antique mall and think these would be fun- maybe even put the verse on a tag and attach to them!!



Dawn Gahan said...

Thank you for that, Jackie. I think this is just what I (and a good many of your readers) needed.

Blessings to you!


Darlene said...

That is a great will be comforted every time you look at your little birdie...which, by the way, is lovely.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

That bird is just precious and Yes, I did stick with the story the whole time! :) I really appreciate how God speaks to us in such personal ways. And now you have a beautiful little bird to remind you of it! (Plus a really fun place to shop, it sounds like!)

Angie said...

I love that verse - never heard it before I'm ashamed to say! Wonderful story! We do have to remember God is still in control even though we may not feel like He is. You asked me a few days ago where I got my fall toile fabric. I have had it for a few years and I think I got it at Walmart, but I'm not sure.


Hi Jackie,
How neat that God met you where you needed Him! That is one of my favorite verses. :)What a fun shop and sounds like a lot of neat treasures. The little bird is a cutie and I think it needs a friend or 2 :)

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Great post! I love the little bird and when I saw it, I knew where the post was going before I read it! :) Love that verse! ...and what a security it is! I love the song that orginated from that verse, His Eye is On the Sparrow"! Why should I worry??? Oh, sometimes I do...but Why should I? :)

Hope you are having a great weekend! ~Rhonda :)

Ms. Tee said...

Hey there! Thank you so much for the sweet compliments.

The vintage printable sight seems to have been moved or updated in the past week - but I was able to get some old links for you. I hope they work for you!

Here are the roosters:

And here are the nests that I used:

Let me know if they don't work and I will try to figure out how to contact them - they don't seem to have any contact info on the new page. :) Have a great week!

Kris said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog, Jackie. That really blessed me and I really appreciate you stopping by. Your little bird is lovely and the scripture is SO encouraging. I love the many times in the bible when God is referenced as a shelter for the birds (US!) The Father provides for his creation and we are mightily blessed by his glorious covering through the blood of his precious son! God bless you!!

Shannon said...

I love this story. When I think about the economy, our future president, I remind myself that I am so glad that my hope is not in who the next president will be, etc but my HOPE IS IN THE LORD. I love the verse, Some trust in chariots, but I trust in the name of the LORD.

Anonymous said...

It's so nice when we can just sit still and know that he is God~

Smelling Coffee said...

Hi Jackie~ Any friend of Kim's is a friend of mine! :-) Seriously, thank you for taking the time to be honest about my blog background. I agree with you, and am looking for a solution.

I also looked around your blog, and will enjoy being one of your readers. I loved this post about the bird and the reminder. I tend to be worried these days too...and am trying to ignore what's on FOX news right this moment!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me and with all of your bloggy friends. So glad to be one of them now. :-)

Blessings to you... Jennifer

Kim said...

What a beautiful story!! Thanks so much for sharing it. Great start to my day!

Amber said...

I loved this post. The little bird is really cute too.