Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Point of No Return

This is the ottoman I started working on today. Looking at this, I bet you are wondering why I would slipcover it. Well the picture does not show all of the loads of hot glue that are all over the fabric, from the former .........slipcover! The pictures improve the look drastically. I have never tackled a project like this, but with the help of my DH being my sounding board for ideas, I think I am ready. I would like to tell you that I will post the finished product tomorrow, but we will see. This will definitely be a learn as you go project, since I am an amateaur at best. It has reached the point of no return, since I have made some cuts to the skirt of the ottoman and unless I want an unfininshed project here, I will have to get with it. Stay Tuned For The Finished Product.




Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see... I bet it's gonna be beautiful! Susie H~

Shannon said...

Oh I can't wait to see. I wish you had an Oops near you too. :)

Arlene said...

At least you have "during" pictures. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't blog 18 pictures of the project I post (although I'd love to). Cool bike - AND - thanks for sharing your thrift finds! I especially love when people share how much they spent!

Dawn Gahan said...

Thanks for your comments! I think you're right about hanging it in the laundry closet. I could easily find things to put on it. Consider it done!

About the fabric. I have an entire bolt of it that I've had for years. I'm serious when I say just tell me how much you need and I'll mail it to you for FREE! I'd rather see it go to good use than just setting around. If you're not sure that the color scheme would work, let me know and I can mail you a swatch. Would really like it to go to a loving home (listen to me . . . talking about fabric like it's a dog).


Liz Harrell said...

Wow... good for you!I have such a hard time being brave about things like this! Cant wait to see the finished product.

Connie said...

zCan't wait to see the final ottoman. Thanks for stopping by. I love this whole blog thing. Tips and ideas galore that I would never have access to.
Have a great 4th.