Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fair Day

This morning my boy called me and invited me to the fair.
His sweet wife and her parents (I don't like to call them in-laws) were going and 
wanted to know if I would come. Of course I headed that way. We had a wonderful
afternoon, and enjoyed all of the sights of the fair. 
All that being said, here is some creative inspiration from the fair.

Gotta love this blue vintage pickup!

There were handmade quilts galore!
I was especially fond of this colorful one.

This dahlia was beautiful!

We had a wonderful afternoon, and the inspirations sure made me want to come home and make a quilt, grow some beautiful flowers, and who wouldn't love that vintage truck parked in the driveway?
Hope you had a blessed Saturday!

1 comment:

Christine said...

What a complement to have your married son call and ask you to join him, along with his new family! How Fun!