Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 12: What 31 Days Has Done For Me

Today I thought I would share what this 31 Days challenge has done for me so far. 

It has enabled me do some much needed organizing.

I am finding a place for everything.

Letting go of things feels good, less feels best!

My perspective is changing, I am feeling more focused. 

I am beginning to enjoy this season. 

Remember the cabinet that doesn't work well size wise? Well until I find something better, it is going to stay. 
Being the quirky person that I am, there is a correct way to fold your fabric that helps when organizing it. Here's a look at what I did for a little while yesterday. 

I have a bunch that I am cleaning out, bundling and headed to the barn sale. It will be great for someone who would like to use it for pillows, quilts, etc. 

I'd love to hear what all of you are working on. 

1 comment:

Melinda said...

The cabinet looks like it is
working well for you!

M : )