Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 5: What to Expect

Yes, yes, yes, I missed a day! It is a little difficult being out of town, and seeing that I have not planned these posts far in advance, I was not able to post yesterday. Just thought I would give you an idea of what to expect from here on out. I've got a TO DO LIST ten miles long!!!!

Sunday is typically not a work day for me, and I try to set aside that day specifically for Church, rest, and spending time with my guy. Today however, was a work day at the market where I have my booth. Everyone was preparing for Christmas Open House which is this Thursday. Yes, you read right! Christmas Open House. It was hot today, and needless to say it is very hard for me to prepare for Christmas when we still have Thanksgiving on the way.

I went and did a little rearranging, and have been pricing some items tonight, to get in my booth tomorrow.

Just a little shot of my pricing station. 

From here on out I will be posting for the most part PROGRESS pictures, and possibly a list of what is going out the door. This will be my way of staying accountable. I am following along with some of the other 31 Dayers that are on a similar journey. It would be worth your time to check it out. 

Stay tuned for PROGRESS!


Anonymous said...

Accountability is such a huge motivator for me too. Excited to see your progress!

Melinda said...

I'm a bit behind with your posts.

Yea, not ready for Christmas yet!

M :)