Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend ReCap

I had not seen my boy since Christmas and it was time for a visit! I left Friday, and headed to Charlotte. It was so good to see him. He humored his Mom and let me take this picture of him in front of this huge display in one of the Charlotte malls (don't know which one) just know that it was the one that was not, for the most part in our budget. He is 6'3" so you get an idea of how huge this window display was.

I lead such a sheltered small town life, I had never been to Anthropologie. I have now checked that off the list. I came away with two coffee cups. Very unique merchandise, again a little on the pricey side for me.

We attended a talk at the Seminary, and just had some great time hanging out. It was a wonderful weekend.


Pine Tree Home said...

Those coffee cups must make you smile though :)

Christina said...

Glad you had a great time with your son. How fun to spend mother/son time.

Glad you had fun at Anthropolgie. It is inspiring if nothing else. Pricey for me too.

Btw, very cute owl in the last post.

Have a great week, Mrs. Jackie!

Melinda said...

Great window display!
Bet you had a fun time with
your son.


Unknown said...

Ah, you have a tall son too! Mine is 6 ft 5 inches. I love that he can reach up high and get me things!