Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting It Done: Day 10, 11 and 12 Everyday Life Is Not Always A Blog Post

I am realizing that I was totally unprepared for 31 days of continual blogging. I should have been preparing mid September, hence the lag in blog posts. So with that said, here is a little catching up. My days are pretty ordinary, hence the title of this post. Some days of getting it done, I am realizing are just the mundane day in and out sort of things.
Here is the run down for the past several days.
Day 10:
Monday: Both bathrooms scrubbed, bed changed, laundry,laundry, and more laundry, time to prepare dinner before  Dave Ramsey class at church.
Day 11: Tuesday:
Planning meeting@ church for our new Women's Ministry, haircut, errands, then time to prepare dinner.

Day 12: Wednesday
This is the status of what we call the green room in our house. This was once our garage that we closed in and the paint is much bolder than anything I had ever used, so we just started calling the green room. Right now it is the everything room. It is the ironing, clothes folding, paperwork sorting,computer, storage facility, etc., aka. THE DUMPING GROUND. There are several unfinished projects in here, that I need to finish for my booth, they require painting and  it has been raining here everyday this week. I do not like to work on paint projects in this type of weather, especially since I don't have an outdoor location. Today I filed paperwork, moved a piece of furniture, finished painting 3 more sets of pumpkins, and went to church.  Hopefully I will be showing you some finished items soon, and the after picture in this room. There you have it. I am not a project a day type girl, even though I would like to be. Just being real. Like I said I should have started working mid September and there might be some more exciting things to share by this time. I am still in hopes for much progress before the end of the month.
 I would love to hear what all of you have been up to.


Neabear said...

It is the every day things that need to be done as mundane as they seem. I started clearing off the piano and making heads or tails out of that mess. Not done there yet. But slowly but surely it will.


Ginny said...

Do you remember the brand and color of that green paint? I like it!

Anonymous said...

It is guacamole green and I think it is olympic

p.s.phyllis sews said...

It's amazing what you have tackled. You have inspired me to make a huge list and starting in November, I was going to tackle it!

You might not accomplish everything you wanted but you are still moving ahead. Keep going!

Also, I really want to read the book you mentioned. I am trying to juggle several ventures and I know I need to be more organized. So, you are inspiring us!

Keep up the good work.

Gina said...

I'm also planning a women's ministry meeting for this week. Our meeting is going to be, "Tips for a less stressed, more Christ focused Christmas." What will your meeting be about? We just started a women's ministry a couple of years ago. It's slow going (and slow growing.);)I always like to hear what others are doing. :)I just found your blog today through Robin's (All Things Heart and Home.)