Thursday, August 4, 2011

One GREAT Garage Sale!!!!

I know I must stop taking such long breaks in between blogging. It has been a pretty busy summer, and it will be time for school to begin again. Here's one of the fun things that I have been up to. Our crisis pregnancy center is having it's annual Garage Sale fund raiser. I have been co-ordinating set-up in the children's area at our church. We were busy today, pricing, organizing, sorting and getting everything ready for the BIG sale on Saturday morning! Believe me, there is a TON of GOOD stuff here. Most in excellent condition!

Just a tiny bit of the home decor section. I should have remembered to take pictures at the end of the day. All of those tables are now filled, with no room left, and we brought in more tables at the end of the day. This was taken early this morning. 

This gives you an idea of the number of tables that we originally set up.
Now these tables are pretty close to completely full. You are not able to see all of the hanging racks or furniture in the entry way. What is unbelievable is that we have another full day of accepting donations before the sale on Saturday.

Not only does this benefit a great cause, but it has been a lot of fun working with the wonderful men and women who are giving their time to support Rachel's House.  If I remember, I will take more photos tomorrow prior to the sale. Off to get some rest.  


Miss Debbie said...

It is a good thing you are doing for the crisis pregnancy center. I was a counselor at one for about 3 years when our boys were young. It was a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young women in our community. I pray God blesses your efforts!

Melinda said...

What a super group to raise money for.
That flat basket in the home decor pic is adorable.
Have a great sale.