Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Garage Sale Update

I promised an update on Rachel's House Garage Sale and here it is. It was definitely a success!

At this point we were winding down. If you look at the pics from my previous post you can see just how much is gone.

One of my favorite purchases!

This clock was a steal @ 2.00!

and I could hardly resist this for Judah.

At the initial count we raised  $5,500 for Rachel's House. It was a lot of hard work but fun to be a part of this, and I can't think of any better reason to have a Garage Sale, to save a life.  


Melinda said...

Congratulations---sounds like it was a success!!!


Jennifer said...

Looks like you really did get some bargains (love that clock)! and what a great cause!!

Christine said...

I don't blame you for getting that cute little trike.
Grandmas just can't resist. Besides, it's a good cause, right? said...

Oh how I love me a good garage sale! Looks fun.

Jen Kershner said...

Great finds and a great cause! I have got to get off my rear and get busy preparing for my own garage sale.