Friday, February 12, 2010

Friendship and Fun

     One of the things God has impressed upon my heart is to open my home to other ladies for fellowship and encouragement.
     Last night we got together for the first time. Seven of us enjoyed a light meal and just getting to know each other better.
     Keeping it simple was key for me being able to enjoy the evening. Our meal consisted of Baked Potatoes w/ toppings, green salad w/ homemade dressing and topped w/ mandarin oranges, and for dessert apple dumplings with ice cream.
     Was it perfect? No, but then again it's not about being perfect, its about being available for God to use me. My perfectionist ways have hindered me for far too long, and with God's help, I am getting over it! I want Him to use me to be a blessing to others.

     I used what I had, and even the paper napkins were pretty ones that I had left over from Christmas. The camelias were from a friends yard, and they added a pretty touch to the table with no cost at all. 
     I am interested in any ideas that you might have . How are you reaching out to others for times of fun and fellowship together.
     Have a blessed weekend! Jackie 


Runner Mom said...

How pretty!! Love that table and the camellias. Mine are not doing well this year!

Reaching out to others...a card, a phone call, and sometimes just slowing down to chat a minute before rushing off to another errand.
Love ya!!

Melinda said...

The table looks great!
I find blogging is a great tool for reaching out to others.
E-mail is helpful too.


Beckypdj said...

Reaching out to others....I have a couple of moms who have lost children that I email back and forth.

Our church just participated in a "Daniel Fast". To help people out with the next one, I am holding a recipe tasting in my home in March. All the recipes are "Daniel Fast" approved. They can try the recipe before they buy all the ingredients to make it at home. :)

Jessica Morris said...

How very sweet and what a lovely table setting!
I would love a group of ladies to have special evenings with but for now I love the college guys we've grown close to and one day when they have wives I'll have instant girlfriends ;)