Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year

It's the First day of a New  week, of a New year. So much to look forward to! Hope the few readers I have will stick with me. I hope the things that I share this year, will be worth reading, real, from the heart, and meaningful. Today is the last day before my boy heads back to school. I am already missing him! This has been a wonderful visit. My sweet daughter and her husband spent a few days with us during Christmas, and it is never long enough! Not enough time for all of those projects that are bouncing around in our heads.

 Mercy me, and I have a lot of projects to get with this year!!! I would like to actually accomplish a kitchen re-do, two bathroom updates, but I have got to quit being the procrastinator that I often am. I have to confess that I put things off for fear of messing it up, or not choosing a GREAT paint color, or it not ending up as I had hoped. We have a friend who does remodeling and I think I may be enlisting his help and advice on some of the projects that we would like to tackle.

What about you. What projects and new things are you looking forward to thisNew Year?
Subbing starts back Wednesday and Thursday, so that will be keeping me busy too. Have a blessed week!


Beckypdj said...

I am going to get our extra bedroom organized. We have our computer, treadmill, & filing cabinet in there now, plus some stuff I haven't decided what to do with. My plan is to do it THIS MONTH!!

I hope you will be posting pictures when you start your re-model projects. I may even take some pics of my current junk room for my blog, but not until I have the "after" pictures to go along with the "before" LOL

Christina said...

For the new year I want to simplify, enjoy things that aren't perfect (and never will be), and use things that are stored or get rid of them. I tend to get tired of things and then just dislike them so much that instead of beautifying and making it nice for our family, they just annoy me and get ignored. That is going to change! The lavender bathroom that is not me (that I ever painted a bathroom lavender is just amazing to me as I'm not a girlie girl at all) and I have been over almost since it was painted is getting a face lift. Would love to paint it and it *is* on the agenda eventually, but can't get wrapped up in that job right now. That is not going to stop me from working on that space and enjoying it even though the color is not what I want to live with anymore.

Look forward to seeing what you do this year. Glad to hear that you had a sweet time with your family during Christmas. We are back to our regular routine today also. My hubby was off for two glorious weeks, but it is time to get things back to normal.

Anonymous said...

You are so welcome! It's an honor! I hope you get the chance to paint one for yourself and show it to all of us. Enjoy~

Jennifer said...

I don't know if our new home would be considered a "project" but I am so enjoying making it "HOME" for Hubbie and I.....all kinds of little projects that are so fun to work on each day - even organizing the junk drawer!:)

I guess next on the list is curtains - all the rooms need them but I just don't have any great ideas.... I suppose they will come.

Hope you are enjoying this first week of the new year!

Linda said...

My projects for this year sound like yours...redoing 3 bathrooms, painting, etc. We'd like to put our house up for sale and move from CA to CO so we've got a little sprucing up to do very shortly.

You mentioned procrastinating. I excel at it! Hopefully this is one thing I can change in 2010! I'll be working on it!

Good luck with your 2010 projects and keep us posted.

Melinda said...

Too many to list and it seems like I think of something else to do each day.


Victoria said...

Jackie, I totally understand your reasons for procrastinating! I am the same way. I love the quote "done is better than perfect" and have to remind myself of it OFTEN!

I rarely like paint colors I pick out but then feel stuck with them. That is why I do latch onto ones I do like and use them over and over again. :)

We are buying a new house so making it more "me" will be my goal for 2010!

DO the kitchen remodel!!! You will be so glad you did. I am kicking myself that I waited as long as I did (because I couldn't make up my mind about colors, countertops, doors, etc). Wish I had done it years ago!

Happy New Year to you!

Jessica Morris said...

I know you are sad to see him go, but it will be nice to have Blaine around here again! :)
It feels like ages since we have seen him. Paul is heading off to West Point for two weeks with work, but once he gets back we'll have to have Blaine over again.

Let me know when you'll be in town again! Once I get my house cleaned from the holidays(!!) I'd love to have you over! :)