Monday, January 18, 2010

Not the right color?

 Just paint it like I did!



The christmas cactus' that I shared about in an earlier post almost froze with our sudden cold weather here in South GA! I had been wanting to put them in cream colored pots. When I started looking I could not find cream/off white pots anywhere, not to mention the expense of buying new flower pots. I actually wanted old vintage planters, which meant more$$$$$$, so I did the next best thing....I painted what I already had. I am in the process of repotting most of them . I had to wait until they had finished blooming, and re-pot what I had salvaged from the ones that almost froze. They are now inside recuperating from the freezing weather, and getting new pots. The moral of this story...don't think you live to far south for your plants to freeze, and never underestimate the power of spray paint. Linking up to ASPTL for DIY day. Head over and check it out.


Melinda said...

Glad to hear that you were able to salvage some of your plants.
I like the new color too.


Linda said...

Great job! Since I started blogging, spray paint has become my new best friend! Spray paint can save and make just about anything new again don't you think!

Jessica Morris said...

I love the new color!!

And it has been ridiculously cold! I am glad it's warming up again :)

Christine said...

Can you really spray paint pottery?
Or glass?

Runner Mom said...

THat turned out great! Which paint did you use? I'm finding that W.M. spray paint doesn't always work right! IT's runny!

Austin is a little better--struggling with an upper respiratory infection as well. Getting meds this afternoon.


Dawn Gahan said...

Good gosh, it looks like McCoy!!!!

Lianna Knight said...

LOVE this idea!! Paint can do wonders:)

You can see my DIY project here...

Jennifer said...

Now I know exactly what I'm going to do with my old pots so they work on our new front porch! I was actually thinking I needed to replace everything!?!?

sherri said...

The pot looks great in its new color! Love all the new fabrics you snagged too. What a deal.

The Brady's Blog..Not Home Yet said...

Thank you for the comment on the blog. I love reading your blog with all the great ideas. Thrift stores are so fun. I wouldn't have been able to dress my daughters without some great ones.