Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm Back, Sort Of

Waiting on the arrival of the new computer. My sweet husband says he thinks it should be here by the weekend. Yeah!!!!! I am going to try  to share a few pretties with you on this dinosaur.

Life has been busy at the Holder house, much more so than I would like for it to be this time of year. Last week I had a little project that I was working on for a ladies event, and that took a lot of time. Traveled to Savannah yesterday for annual check ups. Subbing several times a week, and have not even been able to check on all of you.  Today looks like stormy weather, so I plan to stay in and hopefully start looking a little like Christmas around here.

I am joining Kimba for a little DIY day late to show one little project that I worked on last week. I will send a package of the Hot Cider Mix to the first one that guesses what this was for. I will give you a hint. Remember the post where I showed you a few pictures and asked you to guess what I was doing? This went along with that little project.

Oops looks like I have told you a story. Pictures will be coming and I will still send a little goodie to the first one that guesses. The dinosaur is not hooked up for me to load pictures!!! I promise I will be back soon with lots of pretty pictures. Hope everyone is enjoying a blessed Christmas Season!



Diva Kreszl said...

Can't wait for you to be up and running again at full speed!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get up and running again real soon. Merry Christmas!

Stacey said...

Hang in there! Something tells me that if I didn't have a working computer I'd get alot more done. :) True?

Tara said...

Ummm... I have to agree with Stacey. Need to get off here right now and fix some supper.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are still around!
I know your project has something to do with an older sewing machine and some cool hardware you showed us. Are you refinishing an old sewing console?

Melinda said...

Lookinf forward to seeing more of you!


Runner Mom said...

I'm going to have to wiat for some more hints!! I am completely visual!!

Good luck with the 'puter this weekend!!

I subbed in 1st today! Had a ball!

Victoria said...

Sorry about the computer. :( I hate getting a new one and having to find all of my stuff again! Glad you found us though. :)

My paint color is Sherwin Williams and it is either Toasted Almond or Roasted Almond. Right now I can't remember which! :)

I love, love, love it! I didn't want to go too dark but didn't want builders beige and to me it is perfect.