Saturday, December 19, 2009

Back in Operation!!! Finally.

I am thrilled to be back in full swing, with a computer that is, and have many things to share since my last post. It has been raining almost non-stop here, with the exception of a beautiful sunny day on Thursday. Our backyard was beginning to look like a pond, and considering it is on a slope, that is a LOT of rain!

Yesterday, it was party day at the school that I have subbed at all year. I did the party for one class, and made goodie bags for the class I subbed for this week. Those kids have just grabbed my heart, and one little girl in particular. It has been so exciting to see positive responses from her.

These are the little goodie bags that I put together for that class. When I arrived, she ran up to me, put her arms around me, and said, " I am not going to let you go" I was so blessed by this simple act of love from a child that was responding so differently  in the beginning. Just another wonderful gift from the Lord. Some of these kids just desperately need some positive attention and a little love.

Look around and see where there is a little opportunity to give, and I guarantee the Lord will bless you for it.

I will close with a quote from my boy. We were discussing Christmas presents, and the stress it often presents us with this time of year. Trying to find the perfect gift, wanting everyone to be totally thrilled with what we have given them, and the list of expectations can go on and on. Both of my children have asked for nothing until I pressed them. Our family has found pure joy in just being able to be together for Christmas.
Our gift giving will be very simple, and with no expectation whatsoever from any of us. Explaining I had gotten very little for him, I said," isn't there anything else that you just want?" to which he replied, "Mom I am so over the  whole Christmas present thing! This year we are going to have an attitude of  thankfulness every day, and give the entire year, not just waiting for Christmas." I was struck by his honesty, and how true that  needs to be for everyone of us. People don't just need at Christmas. There are those around us that the Lord wants us to bless, everyday of the year. So, this year I will be thankfu,l and giving the whole year, not just at Christmas. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and wish each of you have a blessed weekend!


Autum said...

Jackie, I'd say you've done a wonderful job of raising your son! I'm sure hearing such caring and mature thoughts was the best gift you could ask for from him.
Merry Christmas!!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

A child shall lead us. How precious was this honest statement. Kudos for him.

I just wanted to thank your for visiting and leaving a sweet comment on my blog. Ya'll have a great day enjoying the reason for the season!!!

sewtakeahike said...

very, very cool that your son is "there" with gift-giving at Christmas! It has become such a crazy holiday with the pressure to buy, buy, buy and so many people have fallen in that trap. I was just talking to someone who said she just mailed off the last of her packages and her quote was "it was all just a bunch of junk really". How sad for her. To have spent her hard earned money on junk to send to someone just so she can say she sent something? To me, I don't like to receive a gift just to receive it. I want those that I love to give me a gift if it's something they know I will love, not just to check my name off their list. I would rather they save their money for something THEY would love for themselves than to buy me a gift just to buy me a gift. Ok, I'm done!

Tara said...

Hey Jackie,
Sounds like you have done a fine job raising some fine children. We have scaled down our Christmas around here by leaps and bounds here at our home. The joy of Christmas and all it represents is still going to be first and formost even tho there aren't many packages under the tree.
So glad your computer is up and running again AND thanks for your inspiring posts and bloggy friendship.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.