Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Kitchen Needs Your Help!!!!!

My kitchen has been feeling a little weary and worn lately, and is asking for your help. My husband has finally said that we need to come up with a comprehensive plan to update . I will give you a few details of what has already been decided along with some questions that I have for you.
Here is a shot the length of the kitchen looking in from the dining room. By now you must be saying YUCK!
Here is what has already been decided:
  • The border gone ( or going)
  • The counter top will be replaced
  • Cabinets updated as budget wise as possible (open for suggestions)
  • The tile floor remains, and is in good shape
  • Appliances are all stainless and replaced a couple of years ago

Check these lovelies out! My husband is not fond of painting them, because he does not want to change the trim in the entire house(all stained) not my choice, but I have heard many say that their white trim looks too dirty to them. I can live with the stained. How would they look painted if all my trimwork is stained? The beautiful faux butcher block will go, and I can't wait!!!!! I do want to add extra width to this part of the counter for bar stools.
All new hardware for the cabinets too. I like my red kitchen, but am not opposed to another color. I am a very visual person, so sometimes it is hard imagining all that I want to do. I love the cottage look, but my house leans somewhere between traditional and cottage. I am sure I do not want to go with the beach cottage look, because I love color too much! I am not opposed to another color in the kitchen. I love vintage, but too much of that might stand out like a sore thumb. I am just not sure. This is your day to leave a comment if you haven't left one before. My feelings will not be hurt, and I do want your input. So, what do you think? Looking forward to hearing from you. Jackie


Beckypdj said...

You are so brave asking our opinion!

Cabinets - Painted would be fine even if your trim is stained. For accent (or do all of them) you could use a jig saw and cut out the middles and replace with glass,maybe with some chicken wire behind it. Or you could replace only the doors and drawer fronts without replacing the whole cabinet.

I really like Cambria counter tops. They are made of ground quartz mixed with a resin. They look very much like granite, but do not stain like granite. comes in lots of colors. They have a website if you want to check them out.

A butter yellow or green on the walls? Maybe too light for your taste, but the blue plates will still look good, especially with the yellow.

You are going to love having the extra seating when you extend for barstools!

I think this is the longest comment I've ever left on any blog. Happy updating!

Tiffany said...

Having stained trim and painted cabinets would look nice. Basically, it will just add another level of interest to your room.

I'm actually going to be blogging about my new kitchen that I LOVE so you'll get to see our granite tile counter tops. SO much cheaper than granite but with the "look" of granite.

Red House Happenings said...

Paint is the way to go. I would absolutely paint the cabinets maybe a creamy white even if you left the trim alone. I love the idea from Beckypdj about putting glass in some of the upper cabinets or you could even take some of the uppers down and put in open shelving, or remove some the lower doors and put in some pretty baskets. I also like the idea of a buttery yellow to contrast those beautiful plates. You could paint the dining area wall another color to seperate the rooms somewhat/ maybe a soft neutral blue. Nothing too blue. I would put in a chandelier above the dining room table. Love your idea about the bar. I can't wait to see some pics when its all done.

Kim @ Twice Remembered said...

Hi, Jackie! I'm honored that you asked me to give you some tips about your kitchen!

Ok, your husband is going to hate me, but I say paint that kitchen trim anyway. Who says the rest of your house has to match the painted kitchen trim? You might want to consider even replacing your more narrow trim with something a little wider. You would be surprised at the impact that will make. I wouldn't worry about white trim looking dirty - I've had white trim up in my kitchen for a couple of years now and it doesn't look dirty - and when and if they do start looking dingy, it's nothing a fresh coat of paint can't fix. I really like the corner pieces we added to our kitchen, too - adds a little architectural interest. Here's a photo:

You have a great opportunity there to really beef up your cabinets by jazzing up the soffit area. I would paint and treat it as part of the cabinet, meaning, whatever color you paint your cabinets {I vote white or off white}. You can also add anaglypta {heavy duty paintable wallpaper} in the soffit area and then paint it to add some interest. Take a look at some of these great soffits I blogged about a couple of years ago and you'll see what I mean.

The backspash is also a great area to "cottage-up". I would go with with beadboard and one idea I also love is adding a few corbels under the cabinet, like Layla at the Lettered Cottage did to hers. In fact, it I were you, I'd put beadboard halfway up all around your kitchen and dining area as Layla did. Here are some photos:

With wall paint, that's a tough one if you love color! You can either keep your wall pretty neutral and paint them a nice creamy color {mine is a shade called Malted Milk} and use a lot of color in your window treatments and accessories, OR you can go with some color on the wall and keep it light with the accessories {shades of white or off-white}. If you like a LOT of color, you can have color both in your walls and accessories like Kim does at Daisy Cottage:

So those are my thoughts. I hope it's helped a bit. Your kitchen is going to be beautiful when you are finished - so much potential! Be sure to post when you've decided what your plan will be. It will be fun watching everything come together! ~Kim

Kim @ Twice Remembered said...

When I said "You can also add anaglypta {heavy duty paintable wallpaper} in the soffit area and then paint it to add some interest." I meant paint it the very same color as you paint your cabinets, not a contrasting color...just wanted to clarify...

Runner Mom said...

Wow! These are great ideas! I agree with whoever said paint the trim...yes!!! We did ours, and it looks fab!! Promise! A lighter color on the cabinets and new pulls--plus some glass in some of the upper cabinets--we did that too--and paint the wall behind it a fun color--either the same as the walls or a coordinating one.

I'd lighten up the kitchen and still use the red as accents! That's what I've done. Actually, we rebuilt the island, and I painted it a redish brownish color--it's a pop as soon as you walk in! But I love it!

Love your tile floors and the appliances! Wish I lived a little closer, and I'd go shopping with you!! Take lots of pics!!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

You have got some great things going for you with this kitchen! Good bones my dear...whatever that means hehe. I would paint my cabinets or at least strip and restain. A great color I love is a sage green from sherwin williams. Love it! I had it in my kitchen for years. If you go back to the start of my blog you will se it. I do miss that color often... It is user freindly! I cant wait to see what ideas you pick..have fun and enjoy the ride!

Runner Mom said...

Hey! I can talk a lot faster than I type!! When you get a minute, go to my email

and send me your phone number!!! It's just easier, chickadee!!


Lindsay @ Makely said...

Yay! I love redesigning someone else's space! It's way cheaper and easier than my own. haha

Paint those cabinets! They would look SO good an antique white. I love the design on them. You could even paint them a darker color that you love (red? blue? green? yellow?) and then do a white glaze on the top so that the darker color shows underneath.

I think you should lighten up the wall color a bit, but definitely still have color. Even if you love your red walls, you could choose a lighter shade. It won't feel so "heavy."

What kind of counter tops are you going to do?

Victoria said...

Oh man, I've been going through a lot of the same kitchen issues as you! We just had new cabinet doors made and painted, tore out the set of cabinets blocking the view from the kitchen into the dining room and put up some open shelving. Sigh. We still are not done.

I say paint your cabinets, do some glass doors as well and a neat back splash. One of my sisters has a lot of blue willow dishes and had a red/raspberry kitchen but recently went with a soft yellow paint and I love the blue & white with the yellow!

Maybe I'll post some pic of my little humble makeover. :)

Ginny said...

Have you considered having your cabinets refaced? If the boxes are in good shape, this is a viable option. We had it done at our old house, and were thrilled with the results. The cost was reasonable.

Liz Harrell said...

Oooh... I love a good kitchen makeover. If it were me, having white cabinets and wooden trim around the room would make me a little nuts. A friend of mine painted her kitchen walls a kakhi color and painted her kitchen cabinets a kelly green. Very striking and pretty, and might look ok with the wood trim.

Jessica Morris said...

I have no ideas, but I can't wait to see what you come up with for your kitchen! :)

Christina said...

Loving the ideas that everyone has given you. I am also in the camp of painting the cabinets. Leaving the stained trim throughout the rest of the house will be fine. Vic's kitchen looks so beautiful and dramatically different w/her new doors and hardware. I think also that if your cabinets are in good shape structure wise that they would be beautiful painted. Of course, I love Kim's ideas too. We all know what a fantastic job she and her hubby did on their kitchen.

sherri said...

I am in the same boat as you. I have an outdated kitchen and would love a makeover too! I love to read the comments to you 'cause it gives me ideas as well!

leigh anne said...

I just happened upon your blog the fact that you are getting an opportunity to update your kitchen. We live in a house built in the 70's and have done lots of updates pretty inexpensively. My advice is to definetly paint the cabinets and trim a creamy white and choose a fabulous color for the walls. It's so great you already have stainless appliances and good tile flooring - two very expensive updates already done! We had stained trim throughout our entire home before we began our updates ... the transformation is AMAZING with painted trim. I've found a great website for choosing paint colors - google "colour me happy" blog - who knew there was a right & wrong color white??!! Best wishes and happy renovations! :)

Anonymous said...

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