Monday, July 20, 2009

I've been cooking, and sewing and..........

It's Today's Thrifty Treasures over at Southern Hospitality , but we haven't had much in the way of yard sales or thrift store treasures this week. Here's just two little things, and a few pictures of what I have been up to today.

This little burp cloth for .19, I purchased it mainly as a pattern.

Picked up this old bowl for 1.00 a couple of weeks ago. Looks very old and I love it!

Now you will see what I have been up to, today. I will be visiting my son tomorrow, and I like to take a home cooked meal, as well as leave something for my sweet husband who will be working,

I cooked 3chickens, known as beer butt chicken, but we used lemon lime soda. The taste is the same, you just need something fizzy.

some steamed cabbage and stewed squash,

a big pot of roast, carrots and potatoes, and I will probably add some good ole mac & cheese tonight.

Then I have been doing some of this, making a long awaited dust ruffle for my daughter. I just wish I was a better seamstress, and this would be a little easier. Hopefully I will finish this up tonight also. Hope you all have a wonderful week, I will be away until Thursday. Jackie


Sue said...

OMG, I couldn't figure out what the heck those things were on my teenie tiny mini laptop! I had to laugh because ehey reminded me of an old cartoon where the little chickens were dancing upright with each other. LOL

Your dinner looks real good, what a fantastic mom you make all that and sew a dust ruffle, too.

Oh, and a great deal on the cool old bowl, too! :-) Sue

Helen Joy said...

That burp cloth is really really really adorable:-) Those turkeys sure made me laugh. I threw up the first time I cooked a turkey...several times.

Blissfully Enamored said...

the crock pot of roast just made me SO hungry! that is my favorite meal that my mom cooks when i come home! it is SUCH a comfort food! yum!!!

Susan said...

Hey, Jackie! I had to agree with Sue!! I took a look at the chicken and was tryng to figure out what kind of deal you got at a yard sale for whatever it was!! Mercy!!

I'm sure that your son will go bananas over all of that yummy comfort food!! You are so sweet!! And to leave your Hubby some as well!! They are truly blessed! Have fun!!


Beth Herring said...

This post leaves me wanting to be more crafty!!

Nicole A. said...

Wonderful finds and the food looks soooo good! Your son is going to be so happy. Have fun!

★Carol★ said...

Wow, I didn't know that those were chickens at first! Sounds good, and the pot roast looks yummy cooking away in the crockpot! Love that old bowl too!

Shannon said...

The little birdie on the burp cloth is adorable! Great finds.

sherri said...

What chickens is everyone talking about? Did I miss something? That comfort food looks sooo yummy! What a great mom you are!