Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is a little of what is left of my little adventure at the allergy clinic this morning. Please remember that I am a girl who is not fond of any kind of shots at all!!! A friend said it would be like a toothpick touching my skin.
Not for this girl any way! After 74 pricks in a row I almost passed out. When the nurse came back to check on me, and I am beginning to itch like crazy while feeling nauseated at the same time, I apologize and she tells me, "no problem, one time we had a man pass out 3 times and had to call 911 to have him taken to the ER.
Now let me tell you, that made me feel good!
The timing was perfect because I have yet another sinus infection, and house dust mites is on the top of the list for me, along with seasonal grasses. Since this is about the 4th infection I have had this year, I will be beginning allergy shots in 2 weeks.
Now for my question have any of you had experience with allergy shots, and has it helped?
I am off to run wash all of these markings off my arm before I pick up my medicine and head to church. Have a wonderful evening. Jackie


Christine said...

Oh my gosh! You poor thing!
And you have to get more shots...sigh...
Hopefully all this will help you get through the mess.

Stacey said...

Jackie that sounds just awful! You totally have my sympathy with those shots.

I've never had to do allergy testing or shots. I have several friends who've done shots and it seems to really help. I hope they find a good solution for you.


I can completely relate, my husband and I have the same issue. You might check with your allergist because in some cases I think they can give you an allergy serum that you put under your tongue instead of the shots. I hope this is an option for you.

Best wishes!

Runner Mom said...

Bless your heart!! I am so sorry! Child #1 had to have those when he was a little boy. Not fun then at all. He now takes a combo of Singulair and Zyrtec each day--and it works! He had more sinus infections than anyone else's child!! Ask your doctor!


Jennifer said...

Oh..even the picture looks painful!! Praying you have quick and effective results with the shots! I think I'm starting to itch :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,

I myself have never had allergy shots but my SIL has taken them for years and they truly help her. I hope yours will make you feel better.


Kristen, pajama mama said...

oh, i'm so sorry...that doesn't sounds fun. Hope it proves helpful, though!

sherri said...

You poor thing! Believe me, I have been there- a few times! I think I've mentioned to you before about getting shots for 9 years. They worked, but I still had to supplement with Claritin or Allegra at times. I also HATE needles, and I had to get 3 shots every time I went! 2 years ago I tried nasal rinsing, and then began ditching the shots 'cause it worked so well. I don't do shots or allergy medicine anymore for 2 yrs. now- only nasal rinsing on a daily basis. Try it out, it's not as bad as you think!

Neabear said...

I have never needed allergy shots. But I did get a cortizone shot the other day. My shoulder is still a little tender from that.

Smelling Coffee said...

Wow! But the good news is that those shots will really help - at least it used to help me when I took them. Be encouraged... this too shall pass (in a few years.) :-)