Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Home Again!

Yes, I am back! As you can see, I only got one post in last week too! When I got to my daughter's she said, " You haven't blogged in a week!" No kidding. I will be back regularly as soon as I get my thoughts together and laundry caught up. I have one day to try to catch up a little and then I am subbing Friday and Monday. Next Monday will most likely be my last day to sub for the school year. I am looking forward to some projects over the summer, maybe a little beach time, and some visits with family. Looking forward to catching up with each of you. Hope your week is going well! Jackie


Christina said...

Glad you are home safely. Hope things went well with your daughter's treatment. We were busy last week too. My hubby was off for a few days--it was so wonderful having him home. Back to blogging for me this week too.

Stacey said...

It always feels so good to be home inspite of the laundry. How's your daughter?

Runner Mom said...

So glad that you are back! I have the rest of this week and 2 days next week, and I'll probably be done for the year. Our school gets out on the 4th of June.

Thanks for your advice! What kind of bronze spray did you use? Why don't you just road trip again and come up here and help me get it right??? :)

Jennifer said...

So glad you're home!! Always so sweet to be back home...minus that laundry stuff!!

Dawn Jenkins said...

Jackie - I am so EXCITED you joined us. I have 12 girls signed-up so far, and after praying for each of them this week I already feel a sweet love for each of you!!! I can't wait to hear about your progress next Monday!!! I am praying today the following for each of you, "Father, we are your children. Jesus is Lord over our spirit, soul, and BODY. I praise you because we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful; we know that full well. Lord, I thank YOU for declaring your plans for us - plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us hope and a future. WE CHOOSE to renew our minds to YOUR PLANS for a healthy lifestyle. You have abounded towards us with all prudence and wisdome. Therefore, we give thought to our steps. Teach us knowledge and good judgement with concerns to our bodies. Our bodies are for you Lord. So here is what we want to do with YOUR help, Father God. We choose to take our everyday, ordinary lives - our sleeping, our eating, our excercising, our going to work, our walking-around lives, and PLACE THEM BEFORE YOU AS LIVING SACRIFICES. Christ, the Messiah, will be magnified and receive the glory and praise in each of our bodies and minds. Thank you Lord for the help you are giving us! In Jesus Name! Amen!!! (out of the Prayers That Avail Much) Have a great day! Your Biggest Loser Bloggin' Style Friend - Dawn