Thursday, May 14, 2009

Remember when............

Yesterday when I took the dogs for one last walk before I leaving my daughter's , this triggered a memory of days gone by. Isn't it funny how a tree, a smell, the look of a certain house brings back those childhood memories. For me, yesterday, it was this Mimosa tree. The Mimosa has beautiful pink feathery blooms and fern like branches. When I was a little girl we had about three of these growing on one side of our house. I cannot tell you how many hours were spent under those trees. We were able to climb through the branches easily because the branches started very low at the trunk of the tree. You didn't have to climb far, and then you were sitting among the feather blooms and calming shade of the tree.
In the late summer the tree puts on bean like pods and they dry in the fall. We used to pick the pods and remove the seeds to make necklaces. I can remember stringing seeds until I had a beautiful dark brown necklace of Mimosa seeds. We played house under the branches and shared many adventures under the shade of those trees. It was long before the days of video games, reality TV, home computers, and so much more that has shifted the attention of our children today.

And no, I am not that old, but it was definitely a simpler time. For those of you who are wondering I was born in 1961. As I looked back remembering, things seemed so much more peaceful, and it didn't take much to entertain us girls. As I type this morning, I had to ask myself where is my peace? Am I looking at the past to bring me peace, or am I looking to the ONE who brings all the peace and rest I need?
"Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy -laden, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28
Have a blessed day, and hope my rambling triggered some fond memories of days gone by, for you too. Jackie


Stacey said...

Hi Jackie. I'm a 1963 girl. My hubby and I reminisce about Mimosa trees pretty often in the summer. Nobody plants them in the yard anymore but they are along the roadsides and in the wooded areas around here. They are so beautiful when the bloom. I remember picking the seed pods when I was a little girl. We'd play like they were food when we played house. :)

Smelling Coffee said...

Hi Jackie~ this was a sweet reminder of simpler days. Thanks for sharing it. I could almost picture myself under that tree making seed neclaces, too. :-)

Smelling Coffee said...

PS: how is your daughter feeling? Just said a prayer for her.

Christina said...

Beautiful post, Jackie. My grandparents house has lots of Mimosa trees. We played amongst them and picked the flowers. Victoria was allergic to them.

We had a massive, long Concord grapevine. We played house under that vine anytime we had the chance. I remember my mom giving us some old measuring cups and stuff to use. Aww, such memories!
I often feel sorry for my children's generation. Times now are not the same and they are not always better for it.

You are not old!! : )

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I have never seen that tree before-is it a Southern growing tree?
It is so pretty!
Thank you for the comments on my blog about the headboard-I love your advice...This fall, this will be my project! :)

Dawn Gahan said...

Jackie, I cannot even begin to tell you about mimosa trees and the memories that they trigger for me.

Here is the link where I talked about them.

I just don't see them like I used to when I was a child. These trees and weeping willows were such a part of my childhood.

Thanks so so much for your post and your pictures.


Neabear said...

Wonderful memories! You are right, things are not the same as when we were young. I am about 5 years older than you are. I can remember roller skating, riding bikes, playing tag or hide and seek. Those were the days.