Friday, November 21, 2008

More of a Homemade Christmas

For all of you that are having a Handmade Christmas, I would like to share a wonderful blogger that I have found who will definitely have some creative ideas for you. Simply Vintage Girl is sharing a new project every Thursday, and they are unique and different from many of the other projects I have seen.

Also be sure to go HERE and vote for her in the Homeschool Blog Awards. She is great and second place so lets all help her out today. Voting ends today at 12:00 midnight. Hurry! I know she would be blessed! I am a former homeschool Mom, and I know from experience that this would encourage her. I think I am off to Hobby Lobby, so have a wonderful weekend! Jackie


April said...

I'll hop on over and check her out! Thaks for the head's up!

Rae said...

Thanks, Jackie, for the link! Have a great weekend!

Runner Mom said...

I'm on my way to her site now! Thanks!! Have fun in my favorite store!! I have a 40% coupon for tomorrow...woohoo!