Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Little Show and Tell

Just a little show and tell for today. These are a couple of the items that my husband and I found at an estate sale last weekend. The basket is old,again reminding me of days on my grandparents farm. I am thinking of lining it with something pretty to hold some of my small crafting projects. I love the old Bingo game with wooden pieces. Again some nostalgic purchases. Reminders of a simpler time.

Look what I found at TJMaxx half price!! These acorns are huge! I actually bought 3 of them and I am thinking they will possibly be added to my mantel for Christmas decorations. I have nothing silver in my house, and I am thinking about spray painting them. What do you think?
Made a stop at Hobby Lobby also and they had some deals! All of their fall decorations were 90% off!!!! I purchased two ceramic pumpkins at 1.29 ea. Fall treat bags @.19 for a pack of 20. Two large ceramic leaves .79 each, scrapbook paper and stamps were 50% off. If I had arrived just a little bit earlier I probably would have had a better selection, but I was excited about the bargains I stumbled upon. Needless to say the ladies were excited and were piling up the buggies. I tried to only choose things that I knew I would use. Remember it's not a bargain just because it's on sale. Have a wonderful evening. Jackie

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Neabear said...

My thoughts exactly. What is the point of getting a bargin if it is something you can't use? I try to be mindful of that and only get things I know I will use. I like your idea for the basket.