Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Goodbye and Getting Busy

My daughter came for a visit on Monday. It was much too quick, but still ,we had a good time together. I had to work Tuesday, but she did some visiting while I was subbing, we then fixed a great dinner, and watched as she puts it, "some cheesy, but good movies". It is very easy for me to get the doldrums when my kids leave, but hey I still have Chloe(my daughters dog) and she left me with some projects to get busy on for Christmas. I am trying to help her with handmade gifts for Christmas, as they are still very busy, trying to get the house finished, and moved in before Christmas. If possible we will try to go down to help over Thanksgiving. Thought I would leave you with a little peek at what this amateur seamstress will be working on.Hopefully some soon to be beautiful little aprons!
How do you like these Amy Butler prints?

Another Combination.

This is a pretty pink and brown, that did not take such a good picture.
Now I am off to try to make some rice Krispie treats for church tonight.


Stacey said...

Jackie, I love the fabric. Now I'm just finishing my sandwich as I type. Could you pass me a rice krispy?

Runner Mom said...

The pink and the brown is just adorable!! Where can you get that fabric?

Scrapper Mom said...

One day soon, I'm afraid,I'm going to be in your shoes longing for the day my kids come home and visit and hoping for things to keep me occupied until the next time! At least I've still got a few more years with my girl. Not so long with the boy.

Can't wait to see how your projects turn out!

We are so very much alike. Everytime I read another post, it reminds me so much of myself. ha.

Neabear said...

Now don't forget to post when you finish the aprons. How did the rice krispy treats turn out? Yummy I hope!

Shannon said...

Those are such cute fabrics and will look really cute as aprons!

As for the monogram...I went to that site that has them, clicked on "Initial Caps" and then on the letter I wanted. Chose the one I wanted and copied and pasted into Word. That way I could resize it if I wanted to. Then I printed it on cream cardstock. Taped it on black cardstock and then on printed scrapbook paper. It was easy peasy! The web page is

Smelling Coffee said...

Jackie~ You are such a blessing to us!

Your fabrics are beautiful! I love them all. Aprons are so "hot" these days - (not as in the temp.) - or maybe they're "cool". Whatever they are, they are cute and I wish I had a ton of them to give family and friends! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh those prints are beautiful! I cant wait to see your creations when your finished~

Kim Hancock said...

I love the fabric. I love to shop for fabric and love to buy it even if I'm not sure what to do with it.