Friday, February 7, 2014


Here's a look at the past couple of days. 

Watching the rain.

Judah decided he needed to take a few photos with my phone while we were out shopping.

He took 32 of this shot today while we were in Sams, before headed home.

Another important shot of our purchases. 
He is especially fond of taking pictures with my phone or can't you tell?
Enjoyed loving on my babies, and looking forward to the weekend.


Phyllis @Around the House said...

loved the photos, the dogie watching the rain too cute and the little one is so sweet taking his so cute...

Patty Marker said...

I just found your blog and think we are kindred spirits. Looking forward to browsing you past posts. - Patty

Bonnie said...

How fun to roam around Sam's snapping photos of whatever catches your eye. He is pretty cute!

Thank you so much for your visit and comment.
Journaling has always been an important part of my day. If you are interested in getting started you might enjoy "The Artist Way". I work through it every few years. Have a wonderful week. Bonnie

Christine said...

You are a fun grandma.
I'd love to see what would happen if I gave the camera to one of my grandchildren.

Loved, "Watching the Rain" picture.

I'm Sara. said...

:) I like the pictures. Target cart, am I right? :) We go there a lot! And I hope you purchased the BIG bag of coffee. It would be gone quicker than I'd like to admit around here, lol :)

(your table in the post below this one is gorgeous!)

Amber said...

Oh my goodness!! I just think that photo of your dog looking out the window at the rain is SO adorable! I love dogs!

Jen Kershner said...

Stop with the dog! That is just too adorable!